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Free pulsing Xenia

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got a whole bunch of this for free. small, and medium pieces. PM me if interested! will post when all out!



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    • By BeardUp
      I moved over to a new tank and dont want to being this guy over. 
      Free for pick up in outer SE PDX. Aprox 100th and Holgate.
      Also have a branch covered in green palys. 
      Sorry for the bad pic. Old tank is dirty/cloudy due to move.

    • By tnknsnj
      Since my wife and I retired, we are traveling quite a bit and need to say good bye to our 180 gallon saltwater setup. I am willing to give it away for free, along with all components. All I ask is that you move it to the new location, wherever that might be. I did not put this on Craigslist, because I would like a dedicated hobbyist to take it over. The various components included are:
      180 gallon glass aquarium + cabinet
      Seamless Sump
      Arctica Chiller
      R/O DI
      Iwaki Pump
      Vortech Pump x 2 MP40
      Octo Protein Skimmer
      Calcium Reactor + CO2 Tank/valves
      Digital Aquatics Controller + 3 strips
      Turbo Twist 12x Sterilizer
      Miscellaneous aquarium supplies
      Also included are 2 maroon clowns, 2 Brittle Stars, Yellow Tang, Filefish, Pin Cushion Urchin and a few corals
      Contact Tom (360) 666-2730 if interested
    • By badxgillen
      As the title states, I need to make room ASAP! I have tons of corals that need trimmed and tons of frags that need a new home. Let me know if there is something I can do for you or my corals.
      Prices are negotiable, but I was thinking about making $10-$20-$25 frags of each coral for those interested...Obviously the size/polyp count will vary depending upon the coral in question.

      "Aussie Pink Hyacinth" Acropora:
      Maricultured Green Acropora: 
      Maricultured Plating Acropora: 
      Maricultured Purple Acropora:

      "Miyagi" Tort Acropora: 

      "Super Blue" Stag Acropora: 

      Rainbows in Spain SOLD-Pending

      "Twilight Dragon" Acropora: 

      "Upscales" Microlados Acropora: 
      "Birds of Paradise" Bird's Nest: 

      "ORA Hyacinth" Bird's Nest: 

      "Purple Hystix" Bird's Nest: 
      "Dainty Green" Pocillipora-
      "Neon Green" Pocilipora-
      Pink Lemonade"Pocillipora-

      ORA Purple Stylophora
      "PEA Yellow Base" Stylophora
      Multicolor Bubble 4"+ anemone
      Rose Bubble 3"+ anemone
      "Alien Eye" Echinopora: 
      "Green Eyed" Mycedium:
      "Hollywood Stunner" Oxypora:
      "Mango" Mycedium:
      "JF Bling Bling" Cyphastrea:
      "Lucky Charms" Cyphastrea: 
      "Minefield" Cyphastrea:
      "Super Red" Cyphastrea: 
      Euphellea "Hammer/Frogspawn Coral"
      Bicolor Frogspawn: 
      Green-tipped Hammer: 
      Purple-tipped "confused" Hammer:
      "Joker" Favia:
      War Coral Pentagona
      Candy Crush Pentagona
      Blue Valley Brain Favites
      Bicolor Galaxia: 
      Gold Galaxia: 
      Green Galaxia: 
      Gruubs Gorgonian: 
      Green Stars Encrusting
      Green Star Branching
      Green Star Fade
      Purple Star Encrusting
      Blue Cloves
      White Pom Pom Xenia
      Lobophyton "Devil's Hand"
      Neon Green
      "Candy Red" Monti' Cap'
      "Flower Petal" Monti' Cap'
      "Green Apple" Monti' Cap'
      "Idaho Grape" Monti' Cap'
      Purple Monti' Cap'
      "Aquaman" Montipora
      "Naughty Spiral" Montipora
      "ORA Supernatural" Montipora
      "Super Man" Montipora
      "White Daisy" Montipora Foliosa
      Branching Montipora Digitata
      "Forest Fire" Montipora Digitata
      "German Blue" Montipora Digitata:
      Green Montipora Digitata
      "Super Red" Montipora Digitata
      "Citrus Mistress"
      Mushroom Coral
      Green Discosoma:
      Purple Discosoma:
      Red Discosoma:
      "Mean Green" Rhodactus
      "Purple Passion" Rhodactus
      Orange Ricordia Yuma
      Orange & purple Ricordia Yuma:
      Rainbow Ricordia Yuma:
      "Damsel Blue" Psamacora
      "Forest Green" Psamacora
      "Lemon Lime" Psamacora: 
      "ORA Kelly Green" Psamacora: 
      "Pumpkin Pie" Psamacora:
      "GB Watermelon" Psamacora: 
      Green Cactus Pavona
      "Figi Yellow" Sarcophyton: Sold Out
      Green Sarcophyton: 
      "Tyree Green" Sarcophyton: 
      "Blueberry Field": , "Bumble Bee": , "Captain America", "Flame Skirt", "Radioactive Dragon Eye" , Devils Armor, Eagle Eyes, Nuclear Winters, Pink And Golds, Mohawks, Kiwi Crushes, Iron Mans, BBBithes, X Mas, Gobstoppers, Ring of Fire, 
      And a plethora more.
      I apologize about the format and odd listing, I was trying to multi task and it didn't pan out the way I had hoped. I can get pics for those interested but didn't want to bog down the thread with countless photos. I will be at the meeting at the end of the month as well so feel free to PM me about something you may want.
      I will update this in the near future.
    • By TaylorW
      So I'm still helping my nephew set up his tank, it's coming along but still looking for coral! Looking for Xenia, Mushrooms, Toadstools or Toadstool frags, leathers, devils hand, palys, zoa's, green star polyps, clove polyps, ANYTHING!! Free would be nice but I can pay as well! Also looking for cheaper live rock, like $1 or $1.50 pound, dry live rock is great too. Need around 20-40 pounds. Also looking for some things for myself 😁 I need live rock as well, Open Brain corals, Bubble corals, rock Flower anemones, maxi mini carpet anemones, large Toadstools, green bubble tip anemone, all colors bubble tip anemones
    • By Snappy
      My tank is small, and corals are growing well. I've run out of room in my tank. The corals I want to get rid of aren't high end. They would be great for a starter tank or someone on a budget. There are probably 10 pinwheel mushrooms, most are loose, a few are attached to small rocks or frag plugs. I have a couple smaller frags of blue cactus coral. I also have an endless supply of large seafoam palys. For an established reef, these are a nuisance. For an entry level reef or fish only with live rock, these would be fun. They are pretty, but ultra aggressive growing. I literally pull them off of my favites coral with tweezers. Anyhow, a few bucks or trade would be appreciated, but I will also give for free for someone trying to start an entry level reef on a budget. $2 for large mushrooms, $1 for smaller. Everything else is free to a good home.
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