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Purple "blob"??

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I am a first time coral papa!! Big thanks to the raffle at the April meeting and those who donated!! I have been so busy with work, checking my levels in the tank, setting up a feeding schedule, researching LEDs, their strength, and putting them on a light cycle that I really haven't just sat down and watched the corals; until today! Just after feeling them, I sit down in my chair and I see this purple blob on one of the polyps. I move closer to the tank wondering if it's just the light, or am I really seeing this thing.


I pull out my camera to get a picture of it. I was completely disappointed in my camera when I tried to zoom in and focus. I tried using my phone, with better luck on the zooming in part, it became slightly blurry and bright. So, hopefully, between the 3 pictures, someone out there can tell me what this is and should I be worried? And what to do with it.


Here are my water parameters:


 Temp: 82.1

 PH: 8.4

 CA: 400

 KH: 10.9

 MG: 1200

 Nitrite: 0

 Ammonia: 0

 Nitrate: 0

 Specific Gravity: 1.022


I'm feeding the polyps every other day; 1/2 teaspoon of "ZoPlan Zooplankton Diet. Julian Sprung's formula" I have a 40B with a 20 gallon sump. 









The blob in question is on the polyp on the top right. Thanks for any help!!

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I looks like something is on the outside of it, not inside the tube itself which is why I am concerned; but it's the only one I see. So, I have no clue. Would I hurt the polyp if I tried to remove the blob with tweezers?

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Corals are known to regenerate, but it's really hard to say what would happen.  In the meantime, keep researching forums, wetwebmedia.com, and coral books.

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try and pull it off.. if possible remove whatever is sucking on your polyps.. but if its on the polyp itself, just let it run its coarse.. maybe a bad polyp that will melt on its own

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