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Official Entry Thread for TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out Competition 2015

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Does this work for the pictures??

And I believe there are 6 of em.


Paratore "Cody" Grow Out Tank Specs
System Specs.
Tank Size--   55 Gallon tank with a 15 gallon sump/refugium.
Flow-  1500 GPH return pump and one RW-8 Jabeo wave maker.
Filtration -   My sump/ skimmer is a CPR 195 it has a built in skimmer that is rated to 100 gallons. I also run two mesh bags of carbon and one bag of purigen. The second part of my filtration is a DIY 10 gallon refugium that has a 4" sand bed, rubble rock, and a ton of Cheato. I also have a powerhead in the rubble rock section to keep the water moving.  
Lighting-      Right now I am set up with two 150 watt 20K metal halides but will be upgrading to OR t247 LEDs soon.
Dosing-   I use a 2 part Calcium and Alkalinity from BRS and add magnesium when my levels need it.
I Feed-    I feed my fish New Life Spectrum and Prime Reef Flakes every day and my Corals get Reef Chili from BRS and Mysis Shrimps.


 Not quit sure how to load pictures.

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Yes, that works. But if you are already using photobucket copy image URL, to the bottom right of the picture you want to post, and paste it in the post you in want it to appear in.

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My entry! 

Tank is a 29 gallon Biocube.

Flow: Return and 1 Vortech Mp10

Lighting: Kessil A 350n

Filtration: Tunze 9002 skimmer, IM Desktop rector running GFO, and filter pad changed every few days.

Maintenance: Weekly water changes using Red Sea coral pro salt. 

No dosing but I may start carbon dosing soon to help phosphates.

I have 4 fish, 2 cardinals, 1 yellow corris wrasse, and a golden dwarf moray that I feed with LRS and shrimp every other day. 








I will get the frags where they are easier to get pictures of but for now these are the best I can do. I am at 9 polyps with the zoa's and 2 with the paly's. 

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Tank Specs:

Marinelands 5 foot 120 with 30 gallon sump.

Running an old Orca skimmer dont know the model

Refugium build into sump full of chaeto

Flow provided by mag 9.5 return pump, Jebao rw 15 and wp 25

Lighting is 48" 8 bulb t5 tek light fixture (Lights are on 9 hours a day, currently no ramp up or down)

     Bulb combo; 5 ati blue plus, 2 ati coral plus, 1 ati purple plus


Mixed coral tank of SPS, LPS, Zoas, and two anemones

Fish List currently: Hippo tang, Purple tang, Chevron Tang, Swallowtail angel, Royal gramma, Pair of purple tile fish, Pair of purple firefish, Pair of Occellaris Clowns, Midas Blenny, Cleaner wrasse, Pair of leopard wrasses, Sunburst Anthias, 1 Chromis, Mandarin Goby, Ruby red dragonet. Lots of inverts running around.


I try to do a 20 gallon water change every week, 2 weeks at the most. Currently only dosing Iodide and Zoe twice a week, and reef builder once a day. Going to be going with a calcium reactor once I get the rest of the stuff I need to hook it up.


Tank gets feed once a day with a mix of food I make up. It includes; Hikari Mysis, Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp, Mega Marine Algae, Emerald Entree, Seaweed Delight, Reef Plankton, Cyclops, PE Mysis, And Coral Gumbo. I feed the tank with the pumps turned off for 10 minutes so food gets down to the dragonets. I dont do any spot feeding of the corals.


I count 2 of the palys, and 7 of the Zoas


Top Down of both: ( Really hard to tak ein my tank with the canopy)











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Only participating in the zoa grow out.


Tank specs: 93g cube with 20g sump

Skimmer: swc 160 cone

Lighting: Reefstar alpha s160 x 2 led (7am to midnight)

Flow: wp40 and dc12000

Corals: all softy and btas

Fish: just 5 now, maybe less soon.

Food: Frozen LRS, pe mysis, plankton, krill, nls pellets, flakes every day.

Supplements: just started seachem reef plus


Either 9 or 10. One hasn't opened since I got it.




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Tank specs 50 gallon cube tank from SCAquariums.


Lighting is LEDs on for about 14 hrs a day


Flow 1 Jebao RW 8 and 1 Jebao WP- 10


SC Aquariums skimmer.


Not dosing anything just water change every 2 weeks.


Lots of fish and algae ;)


Will post pics tomorrow



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

And my two pictures



Looks like about 7 heads including the 2 baby ones



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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200 display mixed reef

Lighting -2 OR t247

Flow- mp40, wp40, rw4

40g sump,reef octopuse skimmer,heaters, brs dual gfo/carbon reactor, return pump(1500 gph)

40g refugium with chateo and other macros.

Do 50g water change every weekend with Kent salt.


Zoa. Polyps- 10








Palys Polyps- 3








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Looks like so far so good, nice polyp counts and good looking shots.

Might want to kick those purple stars to the curb, they look like they might want to take a "closer" look at those palys.

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I forgot to get a side shot of the palys and add counts.


Terrible pic




3 Palys, 6 zoas

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200 display mixed reef

Lighting -2 OR t247

Flow- mp40, wp40, rw4

40g sump,reef octopuse skimmer,heaters, brs dual gfo/carbon reactor, return pump(1500 gph)

40g refugium with chateo and other macros.

Do 50g water change every weekend with Kent salt.




Palys Polyps- 3








So that's where my second polyp snuck off too. You can drop it off anytime. Lol.

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The Sasquatch patch has AI Sol light running around 10/35/42

Dosing vitamins and other chemicals.

8g nano with minimal flow



By my count 5 healthy heads one hasn't fully opened and maybe a goner


Now let's hope it gets more sharp white lines in the pattern



See that little one.



Right down here



That's my paly, 1 head but will grow strong.


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In my rush to get this up... I forgot to post tank info

Biocube 29 drilled with a 15 gallon sump. 

Carbon and GFO reactor

Skimmer (no clue the brand.  Came as a hand me down)
Radion XR15W Pro
Vortech MP10 set extremely low. 
Tunze Osmolater for ATO

I dose Continuum Aquatics - Strontium, Iodine, Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity about once every other week on the weeks I don't do a water change... Every week if I can remember. Water change is 5 gallons every 2 weeks.

I keep the temp around 82. 

Right now they are on a rack that sits mid level in the tank.  I will be moving them to the sandbed once I fix an issue with cyano.


2 frags in the front.  


Zoa has 3 and a baby

Paly has 3. Hard to see the third but he is under there.


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System Specs.

Tank Size - 210 gal 7x2x2 with 40B sump



Flow- 2X Jebao RW 15 and return from RF Dart



Filtration - RO Elite 220 DC skimmer, BRS dual reactor w/ carbon/gfo, chaeto and LR in sump



Lighting - 165w full spectrum China LEDs + 1 60" ATI blue plus bulb



Dosing - Calcium Reactor with TLF Reborn media and BW mag media. 3 head doser with BW Mag, AcroPower, and Tiny amounts of Vodka. Occasionally dose ESV Iodine, BW Strontion, AV Fuel, BW Ferrion.



Feeding - Pellets/flake daily, Rods frozen every other day, seaweed sheets weekly. Corals fed live brine and Coral Frenzy 2 times a week.


Pics aren't the best this month, iPhone 6 is trying! Too busy to get the dslr out :S


Palys: 2

Zoas: 9


Top Down:






Slightly angled:


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So it is getting real close to disqualification deadline as in tomorrow will be the last day to post up in the month of April and still be included in the contest. We actually have many of our members already logged in but there is still about 10 people I am waiting on. 


I was also going to post up a list in the opening of the thread so people can check in on where every one is standing.

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Tank specs: 60 gallon mixed reef stack.

Flow:I use some sort of really big return pump,maxi jet 1200, and a SunSun circ pump for flow.

Filtration:I run a small Odessea skimmer,carbon,purigen,and macro algae.

Dosing:BRS Soda Ash Three part and Feul.Just started dosing a drop of vodka a day.I may adjust as necessary to keep nitrates at 10 ppm.

Lighting: T5' s and LED's.The main display where I will be growing the polyps has Mad Mike layout custom 3watt Full Spectrum LED's.

Feeding: Various pelleted food for the fish.Frozen foods and Hikari Coralific Delite about once a week for the LPS and palys.

Maintain: I preform a 20% water change every two weeks and use a Tunze ATO.

8 Zoas on sand bed and 2 Palys on upper corner frag rack.

Top shot zoas

Side shot

Top shot palys


Side shot Palys

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Tank specs: 40b with approximately 20 gallons in the sump. An it2060, rw-8 for flow, a vertex in-80 skimmer and dosing carbon. The frag is on the sanbed. My pics were taken right after moving to get a better angle so it's a bit irritated. Six polyps 1 baby 56efe197b5a5b94b1a9598debb8e3e2a.jpg79693ea8977199e7f9c9e67cfdd640a3.jpg

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250 gal tank


3-MP40's, super dart gold return pump


SRO 3000 skimmer


Dose BRS 2 part


4- IT2080 LED lighting


Monthly 15% water changes 




Frag plug will be on the sand bed


7- Polyps 







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These are the first pictures I have tried submitting to this site. I took two shots of the zoas for the growout from
different perspectives.
Can you let me know if these two pictures came through or if I have to try a different way?

My system:
200 gallon tank 65 gallon sump
Skims protein skimmer
Calcium reactor -
Carbon reactor and phos reactor
dose iodine
dose coralvite
dose acro power for aminos

Sorry about my lack of skills getting these pictures in. I am having a hard time taking them from photobucket to
this post.


Wow.....looks like they came through after all.  I forgot to mention that I believe I have six polyps.

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      Hello everyone, 
      Its been three month since I start my aquarium and it finished the cycle within two months.  Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite are undetectable. I'm ready to add some corals now.
      Aquarium parameters
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      Temperature - 77 F (+/- 0.3 F)
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      Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Im really looking for some more torch corals also.
    • By badxgillen
      This grow out frag will be going into one of my shallow acrylic tanks.
      Aquarium- Acrylic and about 120 gallons
      Filteration-Moded Coralife skimmer with Reef Octopus needle wheel pump.
      Circulation-Maxi Jet 1,500 Gallon Per Hour Circ Pump and the good old Koralia 750 gallon I believe for a total of 2,250GPH. I aim to get better flow soon this tank soon enough though.
      Daily\Weekly additions-Activated Carbon, carbon dosing, 3 part dosing BRS style, variety of frozen foods for the fish and coral gumbo.
      Fish- bi color angel, coral beauty angel, pair of percula clowns, and an algae blenny.
      Lighting- the new Reefi LED for 12 hours on and 12 hours off.
      PH 8
      KH 9-10 I don't want it this high and aim to let it lower some before dosing again.
      Calcium 500 comments same as KH above
      Magnesium 1500
      Ammonia 0
      Nitrites 0
      Nitrates 5-10
      Side Shot

      And Top Down X)

      I have a total of two polyps to start with...Actually I had four but I cut mine in half to make sure my friend Lex got to participate as well as I. It was my system that they got blown around in any ways. maybe they will show up...

      Maybe not :(  
      There is 300 pounds of rock in the system as well so who know where those polyps are.
    • By badxgillen
      Once again I hope Jesse does not mind me utilizing most of his write up for the rules of the competition. If it is uncalled for please let me know and I will see that it is taken down but if it is fine with you then it is much appreciated.
      Well Contestants this is the official thread to post your entries! If you post your entry in another thread it will not count. Contest begins May 1st! You have a week before and a week after to post up your picture. This competition will run 4 months!
      Ground Rules: The goal of this competition is to be both educational and fun. I am hopeful the winners will be able to share their "secrets" and truly see how different lighting, supplements, dosing, and tank parameters can make a difference in growth.
      Rules and Guidelines for The Premium Aquarium Grow Out Competition. 
      1.Your first post must include a quick write up of your system in the competition thread. Including tank size, flow, lighting, placement of the frag, frag measurement, equipment (ie calcium reactor, dosing, etc), feeding regiment, etc.
      2. You will be required to post photo updates. The contest will start May 1st. You will be required to post a photo update once a month. I will remind you of this when the time is soon to post. I know life gets busy and people go out of town so you have a 2 week window to post.You will have 7 days before the 1st and 7 days after to post your update. If you do not post within the allotted time frame you will be disqualified. 
      3. Please no cheating. This competition is meant to be fun and for bragging rights. Cheaters will be disqualified and banned from any future competitions(PEDS were not used for Frankenfrag).
      4. The frags must remain on the original or similar plug. You may modify the plug if needed example cutting off the stem for placement but only once. You may place the frag anywhere you want in your tank and you may move it to a different spot during the competition but it is frowned upon  and you cannot move it to a new tank as the point is to see how the frag does over time in different systems.
      5. Initial photos of frags need to have a top down as well as side shot so we can all see the frag and what you are starting with, a ruler next to the frag to provide proof of coverage is preferred. No hiding encrusting parts in your photos. Not following the rules will cause you to be disqualified, I know that sounds harsh but it is out of fairness to the rest of the group. Remember a lot can happen in 4 months. During the last growout many were DQ'd due to not posting. It's really simple. JUST DO IT. Length of competition: The competition will run for 4 months. This will give us enough time for the frag to grow. A lot can happen in 4 months and a lot of people could drop out, so if you are persistent, you have a chance to win the grand prize. This will give EVERYONE the same advantage\disadvantage with acclimation and so on. Pictures will be required frequently for updates. Final post will be September 7th 2016 for the winner. 
      Judging a winner: Will be a little different this grow out. The most growth over the frag plug from the initial size wins, Mounding will not be a factor. We will make the final measurements by September 7th preferably with the same ruler used in the initial few posts.
      Winner  of each category shall have glorious bragging rights along with the honors of choosing a desired "Nick Name" for their winning Goni.
      and there will be prizes...
      The first being a $50.00 gift certificate to The Premium Aquarium
      and Second wins a choice zoa or SPS frag pack.
      and Third will get the zoa or SPS frag pack not already taken by 2nd.
      Here I will be including a list of people who have checked in that will be updated over the length of the competition.
      8) HigheThinking-*
      17) Eclipse-*
      20) Kenshin-*