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April Meeting 2015 Bob Fenner Presentation

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Just to make it official, PNWMAS would like to thank the following sponsors for their contributions at this meeting:


Upscales: Pair of frag racks and gift certificates.

TPA: Gift certificates

TECO: Gift certificates

Barrier Reef: Refractometers and isolation box.

Reef Star: Par 56 LED light

Critter Cabana: Huge box of frags (where's my rainbow milli?)

Cuttlefish and Corals: Gift certificates


In addition, thank you to the other sponsors who have made contributions that have been funneled elsewhere. Always shop our sponsors first!


If I've forgotten anything/anyone, my apologies, I will update asap.

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So many sponsors! When I saw the raffle table, My hand had the cash before I even thought about it! Thank you so much for everyone that put this together! Even though it was a little trip from the Tri-Cities, I think I will make a weekend trip out of it next time! LoL


So many great people, all willing to help in any way they can! I picked up a great IT-2040 from Bicyclebill; Thank you Bill, great meeting you!! Then Maxicurls told me to come by his bar and snag up some frags! This club is AMAZING!! 

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