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Mostly Free Stuff - Today only

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Everything must go today.  Moving and need to get rid of this stuff.  If it doesnt go today it goes to donation center or the land fill.  


First come first serve.  


Test kits, hydrometer, pumps, parts, filter pads, T5's.  Halogen bulbs, Reflectors, Media, Tons of stuff.  Come take it away.  



Only items i want cash for are a few 200 gallon boxes of Kent marine salt.  $30 takes it

5 stage RODI filter $40


(9) 5 Gallon buckets full of used Reef Sand.  All relatively clean and no chemicals used on it.


the 40g breeder is free, has a small chip in the bottom corner of it, still holds water.




I dont have alot of time to answer questions.  


First come first serve. 


If you want to leave me a small donation great, but otherwise its Free for the taking!


Text me or email me for an address.  
















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Most everything is gone.  Still have the 55 gallon tank stand.  T5 bulbs, some hoses and misc plumbing parts.  a bunch of 6" used filter socks and several buckets of sand.

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