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    • By milesmiles902
      Hey everyone,
      I went back to the Evergreen State College (my undergraduate) for a visit and they installed a huge 13,000 liter system aquarium system in the basement of the school. One thing I thought they always did well was teach the sciences and this provides a way for the students to both monitor and have a hands-on experience with these living creatures.

      Although, when I visited, they were looking for more variety of corals and it made me think it would be good to ask the club.
      Personally, I have some euphyllia, birdsnest, xooanthids, and pavona that I am going to donate. I haven't heard of anything they don't want.
      So, please let me know if you have any corals that you would be willing to donate for educational purposes. I'll likely be heading up in December, so no rush. 
      Thanks again,
    • By Re_Run
      I  several different sizes of each that i am willing to donate for any school that is in need
      please contact me at 971-203-1526 to check if i have the size type that you need and to arrange pick up
      i have a lot of 200-400 gph gallon submersibles one quite a few of smaller ones for like nano tanks or feeders
      also small skimmer pumps and return circulation pumps for the  all in one systems a few some fo the larger ones for return pump  up to around 50-80 gallons size systems and 3 for larger systems 
      all  but 2 or 3 of them are new. 
      get a hold of me if you need one  or plumbing supplies
      also i have  a couple mid size skimmers i could also donate.
      please txt
      971-203-1526 or call 971-238-2552 and leave a msg.
    • By AquaticEngineer
      Just took this big boy off my coldwater system and would love the garage space back.
      It's a 14' x 3' x 18" fiberglass system with baffles at both ends and a 2" bulkhead for drain. Just lay a couple 4' sheets of egg crate in it and light her up!
      Shoot me a pm with your # and I can text you pics of it. Post her that you pm'd me.
      $200 and I'll help you load it if you have the means to haul it.