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I'm selling my whole setup. I'll sell the whole thing for $700 dollars obo; it includes:


- 60 gallon tank with stand and cleaning magnet and ecoplus pump 264 GPH. ($140 obo if sold separately). 

- 5 gallon acrylic sump with refuge space ($100 obo if sold separately).

- 120 W LED light ($300 obo if sold separately).

- Hammerhead Coral $15 dollars a head ($220 obo if you take the whole thing; it's got 20+ heads). 

- Live Rock ($80 obo if sold separately). 

- Sand bed ($40 obo if sold separately).

- 2 Clown Fish ($8 each).

- Skunk Cleaning shrimp ($20 obo if sold separately).

- Halloween Hermit Crab ($20 obo if sold separately).


Let me know if you are interested and I'll send pics. My number is 503 449 1187

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      Got a few pounds of rock that need to go, it's cramping my sump's style.