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WTB/WTT for Store Credit RBTA

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Aquatopia of Bend is looking to buy or trade store credit for quality RBTA's or RTA's. A combination of cash and store credit for specimens of a higher grade is an option, but we prefer to trade solely store credit if possible. We are looking for at least 3 large anemones (depending on size) for a 90 gallon display tank. Up to 7 or 8 would be welcome if they are small-medium in size; if they don't fit into our display tank we can sell them in the shop :) If you're near Bend, you're also welcome to give us a call at (541) 613-4599 or swing by our location at 1060 SE 3rd St. 

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    • By NateDawg
      Hi guys, first post, I'm looking buy some zoa frags for my zoa garden I'm working on in my new tank, I'm specifically looking for utter chaos, rasta, magician, froot loops, Darth maul, or candy apple reds. I have a couple small neon green birdsnest frags that I'd up for trading too if interested. Thanks in advance!
    • By nrc
      Price drop 3/22/18 -  $100 takes it!
      Price drop 3/15/18 come and get it for $150.  
      I have a 17' Alumacraft canoe that isn't getting much use.   For sale for $200.   I'd also be open to a trade involving a 4' reef ready glass aquarium.    This boat is rated USCG for up to 785lbs in passengers - would be great to take a kid or three out on the water this spring.
      Canoe shows age from sitting upside down outside, but the aluminum is solid - no leaks, no structural damage.  
      I can take pictures later tonight or tomorrow.

    • By nrc
      I picked up a RBTA from Terry over at Seahorse on Sunday and drip acclimated "her" for 1-1/2 hours before introducing to the tank.   That evening she moved into under a ledge to a very shady spot with low flow.   For the last 48 hours she hasn't moved.   Tonight I offered her a small (approx the size of one half of a peanut) piece of raw shrimp from New Seasons.   She took it quickly and readily.   
      I tried to err on the side of caution with the portion side... I don't want to feed more than she can handle or create any stress.   I'm not planning to spot feed  her again for a couple of days.
      if anyone has any commentary feel free to share...   Too much / too little / too soon to feed?    Pic below from when I first put in the tank, and a second one from just a moment ago (note I lightened the second pic to show a little more detail).

    • By WAVES
      The photo doesn’t do this justice, it’s a clone of the “Good photo” and nearly as big.
      $50 OBO
      located in Salmon creek, which is northern Vancouver.  10minutes from Jansen beach.
      five oh three 757-6700 -text  or call

    • By milesmiles902
      Hello everyone,
      I'm doing a poll to see how many people want a frag tank at "NW Frag Festival Is Coming - October 14th"
      Be aware, this would be at your own risk for items that are stolen, left behind, acquire reef pests etc...
      Poll closes in two weeks.