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2014 Christmas party White elephant gift exchange

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This years Christmas party we have decided to bring back the White Elephant gift exchange. This has been a lot of fun in past years and we have decided to bring it back.


If you would like to participate, this is how it works:


Bring a wrapped gift, nothing to expensive, maybe something you have laying around the house that still has some value, and place it on the white elephant table at the Christmas party.


Gifts do not have to be aquarium related.


Each person participating will get a ticket.


Tickets will be called one at a time.


If your ticket is the first to be called you will be allowed to choose one wrapped gift from the table.


Each ticket after that will have a chance to either choose a gift from the table, or, you can choose to take a gift from a previous winner. Then that person will choose another gift from the table.


This will continue until all the tickets are called and all the gifts are claimed.


This has been tons of fun in past years with some items being passed around until the very end and some, well not so much.



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It's use to be a 20 dollar gift. is that still the deal?



We don't want people to be put off by the price. It's really what ever you feel comfortable with. This is less about what its's worth than the fun of the exchange. I can remember things like frags, aquarium tongs, a small bird cage, even Roy and his Justin Bieber toothbrush.


Just try to give something that you would enjoy getting.

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