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Broadcast spawning?

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I threw this in CLAMS cause if I had to guess it's where it's coming from.


Last night I threw in a dose of vitamin C for an ailing Kole Tang. I normally only put it in my prop tank. Left for a min come back and there were THOUSANDS of little tiny tiny tiny .25-.5mm grey almost fuzzy dots floating all over tank.


My fish were devouring them as fast as possible they couldn't have got them all but I'm not sure what put them out.. clam?


My critters are as follows.




1 kole tang

3 blue / green chromis

1 ruby red dragonet




10 or so blue leg hermit crabs

100+ mini cerith snails

15+ Florida cerith

5 asteria snails

20 Nassarius

20 Nerite

Plus regular hitch hiking critters




Various zoanthids

Candy cane

Frog spawn



1 Maxima clam

Maxi anemone





why it's here is thinking that it was clam. Anything else broadcast spawn like this?

What are chances of having

Babies poping up later? I know some made it to refugium.. i pulled my sock off ASAP and witnessed a bunch in there.


Sorry a little excited.. never witnessed anything like this in my tanks.

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These are not my pics.. however looking online at this looks to be similar to what I was seeing in my tank.. that being the case. It would lead me to believe it to be my SPS.. however they are quite small pieces. Wouldn't think they would nearly be big enough to to such a thing. We're talking like 2" frags

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So. I was looking around on the Web and found pics and articles on torches doing this. Usually in kind of a slimy goo however. The day before I took out a large..20+ head colony of torch and a 40+ head colony of frogspawn. Leaving 2 heads of torch and 1 frogspawn.




Here is a pic from the web. Similar looking eggs. But not bound together with any mucus.


What you all think?247ecd86298e76b8ed2bc60caf825e0b.jpg

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