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New sps

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So mike finally got me to take the plung into sps. So picked up a couple frags today. Plus some other stuff.


Thanks Kim for the good deal.



Got some zoas to but they are still mad.




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Thanks Heather. Was fun chatting with you and Mike and finally getting to meet Ryan! The middle piece in the second picture I originally got from Tim at Westside (miss you Tim (sad) ). It was part of the first sps frag pack I ever got and it's lived through a lot.


He told me it was Acropora Kimbeensis. What's funny is Mike spotted that there was a piece of it on my sand bed that had accidentally been fragged off.(laugh)


Thanks for the Zoa trades too Heather!

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Question: do you snip your tips on sps for better growth? I've read that works but never had the wuevos to try.


LMK is so your a boss coralcrazy :)

Don't trim. Just let them do what they want. I have more fun with my tanks when the corals decide what the end outcome will be. A lot of the corals I buy I don't even frag.

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