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Peligro's jbj 28 gal thread

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Ok so this is my official tank thread guys, its going to be a modified jbj 28 gallon tank. It's going to be a slow process, but it will have tons of pic's of the entire process. And I will bless ppl with pic's if it goes wrong lol. So just let everyone know my general plan.....I'm planning on drilling the tank for a customized sump to fit under my stand. This will hopefully be a thread full of a bunch of diy projects. And hopefully be a great tank in the end. So let's get started.........

History of tankjejunyny.jpg this is what it looked like before the bombing incident.

ypeqydyd.jpg after bombing incident. Pretty much nuclear death in the tank.

ybymeqyj.jpg tank is completely tired

tadusemu.jpgacrylic sheet for support of bottom paine taken out

qerahuqe.jpg beginning the removal of the siding of jbj back sump


bytapegu.jpg both sides completely removed

vy6eqy2u.jpg back sump to be removed.

Ok so reasoning for the removal of back sump is because, it collects so much detrius, its a pain to clean, you can't put very good equipment back there. And removing the back sump opens the tank another 3".

I'm going to remove most of the silicone, And re-silicone the tank with black silicone.



a6y4e3ag.jpg broke through the baffle of the back sump

uza3ady5.jpg back sump removed yay! It all really took like 40 minutes. I also started removing the silicone along the bottom paine.



ugapasyg.jpg gonna use this piece for a little diy project on the side. Gonna be for a good buddy of mine. But I will post pics of that on a separate tank thread.


Well that's it for know. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could use to get the leftover bits of silicone stuck to the tank, or is this going to be an all time consuming razor blade and man made muscle. More update pics of the process tonight I'm sure




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Brand new razor blades elbow grease . I use a little lighter fluid when its just the residue . More elbow grease . I tried a scotch brite pad on my 40 and it scuffed the glass sounds lame but it did . So I'd just use an old rag lighter fluid or goo gone .

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Wow that came out very clean. Makes me look at my biocube a little different (plotting)


The back chambers on the JBJ look very stange. Am I seeing right that the chambers were U shaped? How would you ever keep that clean.

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@cuttlefish- ya I hope so, I'm doing it because with my diy sump it will open my ability to get a great skimmer. And better flow from the returns

@derbird- yes it is u shaped, and it was a pain to clean, nothing ever fit under the u baffle. And detrius would collect in all the places that I couldn't reach, which means it sits and creates ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, Phosphate spikes, giant pain in the butt to do anything with it, And it greatly keeps you from doing awesome up grades. So I ditched it.



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