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My new 20L AIO nano build

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So i setup a new nano on our breakfast bar between the kitchen and dining room. I decided i wanted to see it from both areas so made an AIO tank with a center strip of rock. I have a 150w HQI with 14k Pheonix bulb over it, and the water flow is handled by a MJ900 in the filter and a koralia 425 for added flow in the display. DIY screened top to keep my jawfish and clown in there and keep little hands out. The filter area has 3 chambers, 1st i made a DIY media rack out of egg crate just run carbon in here. 2nd chamber is my cheato area lit by 2x1watt submersible LEDs on a reverse cycle, 3rd chamber holds return pump , heater and temp probe. So far it has been a great setup and pretty much trouble free. heres a few pics

upgrades in the works will be a ATO and might switch over to LEDs when i can affoard it






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