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Red Neck Pinto

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Ok so this is a femento tank but I made you look =) I dont have any pictures ye but I will soon. I thought I would present my tank and my Ideas behind it. I plan a tank that will be much smaller than most it is a 6" cube. Filtration will be a peice of rock and a airstone for circulation. I dont plan to use a heater or use and filter media. I will have a lid on it to keep down the salt creep and to help keep salinity in check. My plans for stocking will be high tide pool inhabitants that are used to temp swings and salinity changes. I will be doing regular water changes to help keep the water clean and my critters happy. My goal is to keep this simple and low maintenance. So onto the tank. I made it out of a scrap peice of mirror that I salvaged from a old medicine cabinet. Th mirror will be the bottom sides and bacl of the tank the front glass was cut from a broken picture frame. I also cut a thin peice of glass to use as a lid. I used a scrap peice of 1x2 to make a simple base for the tank to sit on. So far I have not had to spend any money on the tank. I will try to make my light using leds salvaged from a old flash light and powered with a old cell phone charger. I do know I will need to buy and air pump some silicone and inhabitants for this system other then that I plan to rig every thing from salvaged scraps her and there . My total system cost out of pocket should be less then $25.00 Here is to keeping it simple (drinking)..............

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From the title I thought you lifted a pinto and put mudders on it (laugh)


Looking forward to seeing the pic's

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Ok so here we go with some progress pics................



This is the base made out of a scrap of 1x2 pine.





Here it is with the bottom piece of mirror glued in thats a reflection of the shop light you see.




And this is with the sides glued on.






I still need to cut out the extra silicone and then lay a nice neat bead in all the corners. I also need to work on the light and lid and how the filtration will be set up.

It is coming along though. I normally get so into the work I am doing I forget to take pictures along the way I am trying to break that habbit with this project.

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