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temperate teeny tank

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ok, I can't get the wine chiller to work out...tropical it is. So I was going to run airline through the chiller (filled with antifreeze or something) to cool the tank. I think I'll run the; airline through my display's sump instead. should make for good temperature regulation.


Just ordered the azoo mignon 60 filter, so that should help and I think bring to right about a gallon (filter + airline volume + 1/2g vase). I'll pull some rock and sand from my display for the base of everything, probably do regular water changes with the main tank (probably pop the filter off the back. pour it in to the main tank and refill it?) I may get creative with a valve on the airline so I can have the airline dump water into the sump of the display, then scoop water from the sump back to the teeny tank. almost like a semi-auto water change?


we'll see, that sounds like a lot of energy to set up...

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