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Femto Tank Competition 2012-2013

Femto Tank Competition 2012-2013  

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    • 1 US gallon plus HOB filter of any type up to 2 quart capacity
    • any filter system you want, but it's volume must be accounted for in 1g limit

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Welcome the 2012-2013 'FemtoReef' competition. rules are immediately below, you must enroll by the 21st of June so we have you on the list and start the cycle on your new reef between July 7th and 15th. I want to keep this thread clean (just official news/updates/etc) since the competition is going for a whole year. So, for any anecdotes/suggestions (esp for rule modifications, before June 30th), please use ZachS's thread here


>any container can be used assuming the entire system volume (including HOB/external filters/etc) is UNDER 1 US Gallon (might change to 1.5USg) and the vessel cost must fit in the overall budget of $120. The decision between 4 quarts and 6 is currently in debate, will be firmed up by June 21st.

>sand and rock can be added 'for free' to start the cycle. the rock cannot have any significant 'hitchhikers' on it. If you're not sure if the hitchiker is 'significant', then it is :)

>it must be set up (and started cycling) between July 7th and July 15th and left untouched except for top off, water changes and filter/media change until September 1st. any equipment failures can be replaced with like items and basic maintenance is allowed.

>you can set it up without rock/substrate earlier to test water tight/pump flow/etc. The tank must be dry for 48 hours before starting the cycle (between July 7th and 15th)

>equipment can include anything such that it fits within the budget. you can buy used, but not from someone you know unless you can show TWO other used sales of equivalent items within the past year for no more than 110% of what you paid.

>you can use your own equipment, but must find equivalent sales (as above, used is OK) to prove what the item's value is.

>during July and August, a clean up crew may be added up to a total cost of $5, this is part of the general budget. in case of CUC deaths, they can be replaced for like items. of course more can be added during 'livestock addition phase' in september.

>During the month of September, livestock can be added. all motile invertebrates and fish must fit within the budget, used or already-owned is OK, same rules for valuation as equipment

>this DOES mean that you can put an $800 chalice frag in there if you're so daring, but having the most expensive coral or tunicate won't win you the prizes, so that's on you.

>as of October 1st, you can only replace equipment that breaks or livestock that dies with equivalently priced items of similar nature (no replacing a light with a pump or a fish with a coral). if replacement is not of 'similar nature', you only get 50% replacement value.

>you can also remove anything you want to remove at any time. However, if removal is by choice, replacement must be of half the value of the item removed (to discourage changing it up too much)

>original sessile invertebrates can be replaced with sessile invertebrates at any time, but bear in mind that this would probably show a lack of success/longevity/stability/etc.

>any sessile invert used as 'replacement' after October 1st cannot be replaced again. (you only get one chance to change this). removal is allowed at any time (for the health of a suffering specimen, please!)


update requirements:

>one post in the comp thread between the 7th and 21st of July with picture(s) of original setup

>one post in the comp thread between the 21st of August and before livestock addition, with picture(s)

>at least one and up to three pictures must be posted in the comp thread between the 1st and 15th of every month starting in October to show status.

>descriptions with each updates are strongly encouraged (not just pictures, but pictures meet the requirement)

>failure to meet the update requirements will disqualify you.

>final update is between the 1st and 15th of September 2013, at least one and up to FIVE pictures must be part of this update, summary of how the year went and current status must also be part of the final update


Expected prize categories:

>best use of and success with sessile inverts

>most creative setup

>most economical (not necessarily cheapest, but best 'use of budget')

>best use of and success with fish

>best use of and success with motile inverts

>Most successful overall (probably have one or two runner up prizes here)


We'll work with people between now and August 15th to set the prizes. more prizes could be added down the road, but that would give us enough to plan out our livestock.

There might be some mid-term prizes, if a vendor (or non-comp member) wants to offer a prize, it has to apply to at least half of the competition members (no 'best mummy eye chalice') and give at least 30 days notice before granting the award (or longer if the task warrants it)


separate tank threads are encouraged for more frequent/thorough updates of your femto's progress.


One last note: sponsors, fish store employees, or whatever are allowed but must operate completely independant of any other system, just like the rest of us. you can't share lighting, you can't share controllers, no plumbing it into a big system, obvious other things.


people who are 'in':

ZachS - now a ?



Garrett (not of TPA)




LC Scott






Send me a PM if you want to enroll and I'll add you to the list






if you are in or thinking about being in this competition, please vote in the poll. if you have thoughts/comments about it, please post it in zachS's thread (link above).


I was kinda dumb when I wrote the poll options. It's essentially a 4qt max vol or 6qt max vol, filter volume has to be part of that. so 4qt or 6qt?

two people changed their vote...so it's +2 for 4qt and -2 for 6qt limit. as of june8th at 11:07am, that is 6 votes for 6qt and 8 votes for 4qt. aka smaller is winning

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official poll results are 7 votes for 1.5g and 8 votes for 1g limit. (two people changed their mind shortly after voting).

get your stuff in!

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Just saw this post and have to b registered by today wanted to try it but in the process of building a big tank maybe I'll just try it and see what I get... Good luck to everyone can't wait to see pics and updates

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I think as long as the tank gets set up on time, no one will mind late joiners...welcome!


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Yeah I am doing this not for the compition but for the fun and challenge of building a small tank from next to nothing =)

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Just a quick question were can u buy a nano thats a gallon with the filter included I can't find one or is ever making there own thanks

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Note the link to the other thread in the beg of the first post, that's where we've been talking about equipment decisions.


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TANK: .75 gallon


LIGHT: 8 watt LED


FLOW: Air stone


BUDGET: $106.75


CRITTERS: Scarlet Hermit, Small snail






FINAL EDIT: 7-21 I added a shot glass Femto; doesn't get much light but the hermit is doing well :)


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Guest Stacy

Is this the thread I post my pics on?

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Is this the thread I post my pics on?


I do belive it is :)

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Cycle Post.


This is my first official post for the Femto comp (clap)


Tank stats


Volume: with AC-20 .99 gallons (cut it a bit close here)


Filtration: AC-20 Currently running the sponge and carbon but will chage out after the cycle.


Lighting: 10 watt compact fluorescent 50/50. May be changing over to LED


Heater: Archaea Mini 25 watt


Critters: None, cycling DOH!


Aquascape: 2lb Tonga branches and 2 cups of sand from the 125


Tank shot


AC-20 shot


Aquascape shot



Not to much to see as of yet. The tank is cycling way. But it is going to kill me to wait until September to stock this thing (scary) Oh well soon I can have a hermit friend to look at (nutty)


Please let me know if you have any questions or if I need to add something else to the post :)

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Guest Stacy



Tank is sold as a Beta Bowl. Internal measurements come out to 0.78 gallons at the brim.




Tank with black sand in it. Back glass painted black as well. Think it will make the coral pop really well. Milky way for size comparison. Coffee cup is 16 oz.




Tank full with live rock. About a half pound of rock. Lid was cut to clear filter. Filter holds about a cup and a half...so i am running about 2 and a half cups shy of a gallon. give or take a hair.




Was surprised how much water was left in the gallon when we finished.


I don't have the light on the tank yet. Will be wiring my own LED. Bought all the stuff. Found a lamp base to use with a very nice gooseneck. Got it new at Target on clearance for $9.39. LEDs came to $12. Cooling fan came on heat sink at the surplus store for $2.50. Power supply was on lamp when i bought it. Resistors were $5 total. So call it $30 for lighting. The acrylic was a freebie at the acryic shop when I was gettin glue for another project. Gotta love that sometimes.


Tank itself was $19.99.


Filter was $16.99 can't remember what it is called at the moment. I got a used one and loved it and was going to use it on this tank. Plugged it in and it was fried...so got to replace that during setup. Oh well, can't win them all.


Got a heater, but it won't stop warming the tank...so I yanked it out. I will be looking for one this weekend. Will add that to my build total if I find one.


Build total so far $67.


Livestock: None at this time.

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