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Just a quick question

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So if your power goes out @ 1am and u don't know about it until 1:30pm that's a little more the 12+ hr how bad does that effect your tank , corals , fish & ect ...... ? Just a little help would be great .& yes it happens to me since I work nights . I was just wondering




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+1 on temp swing. oxygen can be an issue depending on bioload. oxygen is pretty easy to fix (battery operated airstone etc), could probably get a switch that turns it on when the power goes out automatically.


heater is harder cause it pulls a fair amount of current. of course the way to truly fix it is with a real-deal generator setup, but that is $$$$


I'm planning to get a UPS (uninteruptable power supply) like people have on computers that will run my heater and return pump. together that current is a fraction of what most computers' power supplies are rated at, should last at least a few hours...

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