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Special thanks to all of our sponsors from TFT

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I just wanted to post up special thanks to the following sponsors. This is a great program and this program would not continue without all the support from sponsors and members:


I sent out a lot of letters to companies asking for donations and only a few responded. We also arranged a tank move and here are some recent items in case people missed the thread.


Thanks to Bulk Reef Supply- brand new refractometer (clap)

Doctor's Foster and Smith donated a 25 dollar gift certificate and I got some glass thermometers and a heater for a future build (clap)

Garrett the Premium Aquarium gift certificates for the recent tank move helpers also has donated coral (clap)(clap)

Nick at Rose City powerheads, heaters at half price, new ballast for the new lighting system, also donated coral to the fundraiser at my home (clap)(clap) I am impressed with the recent changes Nick!

UCHU Restaurant the owner donated the tank, equipment stand, livestock , canopy. Great food and well worth the trip to the NE to see the 1000 gallon tank (clap)(clap)

Travis Upscales bags and other last minute items Trautman needed (clap)(clap)

TECO recent acan auction brought a lot of needed funds he also donated some corals to Lakeridge in a previous group buy (clap)(clap)

Golden Basket (ebay) donated mushrooms, sun corals, for Huntington school (clap)(clap)


I realize the economy is down and the saltwater hobby business can be a constant challenge. Please know your donations are greatly appreciated. I would also encourage our members to support these businesses!




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Ditto to what Kim says. Thanks to all of the mentioned sponsors

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