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Inland band saw blades-Anyone in need of a replacement blade?

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Any inland bandsaw users out here in need of a new blade?


I found a 3 pack on line through amazon thats the actual replacement blade for the DB-100 and its a 3 pack for under 75.00 including shipping.


Kent saw blades make a cheap replament for 25.00 plus shipping and aquacave sells the actual replacement as well but it 70.00 plus shipping for a single blade(nono)


I dont really need 3 blades but will get them if nobody else is in need or wants in. I just thought I'd throw this out there


If you have the saw and are in need of a "quality" replacement blade and want in LMK

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Alright, I got Beth and Travis down.

I'll order this today and even deliver




Sweet smoking deal on those blades! They can be spendy but worth getting the higher quality ones!

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I want one of these saws bad


Its what I WAS going to use to frag that cup you wanted but per your text, you found it somewhere else, which is good, I'm a hoarder (clap)


Blades have been ordered;

Order Number: 102-7852244-******

  • 1 item will be shipped to REFFNJUNKIE carrot._V192196173_.gif by Specialty Diamond. Estimated delivery: Mar. 16, 2012 - Mar. 21, 2012


******* SALMON ST


United States

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