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56 to 125 transfer

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well im trading away my 56 gallon established tank and moving all the livestock over to my 125...

my 125 has only been running for 5 days...

got the water tested.. says there is a small amount of nitrates...


im going to hook up my 20 gallon sump from my 56 to my 40 gallon sump on my 125... plus move over the rock and sand and livestock...


do you think the livestock will be ok?

my lfs thinks so...



also im using 1/2 bulkheads to connect the two sumps with 3/4 pvc pipe.....


is 1/2 going to be able to handle the flow?


the pump is 1200 gph.. dual overflow...


so about 600 gph in each drain..


can 1/2 pvc handle 600 gph?

i googled it and internet says its good...



i will be doing all of this tonight....

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the biggest size bulkheads they had at homedepot was the 1/2".......

it should work for now right?


i can order some bigger bulkheads from aquarium website later...


do you think my livestock will be ok?

im using all the same water, sand, rock, and filters...

just adding it to another system... the 125 gallon has 130 lbs of base rock and about 140 lbs of dead sand...

my 56 has about 30 lbs of live rock and 10 lbs of live sand.. plus bio-balls in sump... which i will take out later since they are a nitrate factory from what i hear

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With rock and sand you sould have no spikes in the water.


I have the same setup and you should go with a larger bulkhead or two small ones. Just remeber that if something plugs the one your in trouble. So no critters in the first sump or stuff that can plug the bulkhead.

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