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need some advice on a Sailfin Tang

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Hey guys,


I just picked up my tank yesterday and got a sailfintang with it.. when i got home its eye looked funny I though it was popped eye but today he has been getting "white" like a bleached shirt... Do you guys think its HLLE??


I really liked this Sailfin but im not sure if the move stressed it out... I kept most of the water from the tank during the move and put them in my garage in my 125g while i setup my 180g


I have feed it frozen Brine shrimp and it will eat it just fine, I have heard that HLLE could be bad diet do you think a couple days would do this??? any information will be appreciated.


Hopefully i will be able to get my hands on the 1" bulkhead i need and finish the tank tomorrow and bring it the house.

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pictures would help, It could be HLLE but most of the time it would be more prominent on the lateral line on the fish as well. double check water parameters

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