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Wound? or?? on my clownfish?

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Just got back in town and noticed one of my clowns has a spot on its right gill thats pretty nasty. Its all white and tishuey looks pretty bad. No clue what would have caused this or even what it is. I tried to take the best pics I could but this was the best I could do. I've had this lil guy and its pair for 5+ years now and I'll do anythign to help it out. He's eating and seems fine, but doesn't look fine. Nothing new in the tank for months. Any thoughts for me?




Thanks for the help. DOH!

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Well, the fish is still alive and the spot is still looking nasty. Reminds me of a planters wart I had as a kid. Could it be some kind of fungus? I've tried to get the best pics I can but based on what you can see and what I've described can anyone suggest a diagnosis or treatment? I'm struggling here folks, and seeing my favorite fish going down is killing both of us...


Maybe these are better?





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