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TFT April donations

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I am trying to make things a little more organized and accountable for TFT. I cleared this with the board and the first thing I have done is set up a paypal account for donations and auctions.


The account is tanksforteacher@gmail.com



I also wanted to let people know that I am keeping track of the donations and can account for where the money is going. As you know in the hobby it goes quickly!(laugh) Thanks for all who bought in my classifieds here are the totals:




20% is 78 + 6(donation from lewisriverfisherman)+ 15 (from me)=99 add 1 (from what was leftover from prior auction) total: 100!(clap)



2 36 in ATI blue plus T5 36.00

1 36 in 12K aquablue T5 18.90

Total 54.90-26.23 bRS reward points from group buys (some left over from last group buy)

=28.67 spent plus getting one bulb from Kris from his most recent group buy


Left 71.33


I plan to get a 30 dollar gift certificate for Ms. K to get more CUC because that's what she said she needed and also to cover for odds and ends for her school tank. For now I will put the 71.33 in the TFT account. Beth is going to put in the new sump for the Pioneer school on Wednesday so this will help to cover if she needs to change the plumbing.



Thanks again all! I would really like to get more schools involved so if anyone knows a school that is interested let me know! I have a 30 gallon setup ready to go just needs cleaning and lights!

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