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Noob Zoa Growout Contest Begins!!!

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Alright well the moment we've all been waiting for has come!!!


I just wanted to start off again by saying thank you to all that have entered into this competition, You won't be disappointed. There will be some basic ground rules that everyone needs to follow so let's get that out of the way so we can start growing these things.


1. The contest starts on March 21st and will end on June 30th. I realize that's a little more than three months but figured that we could just end out the month of June with this growout.


2. If you are caught cheating you will be disqualified. I know this sounds a little trivial but this was and is supposed to be fun. If your peers feel that you are cheating I will disqualify you out of the competition. Just don't do anything that would jeopardize your credibility and it will makes things easy for me too.(clap)


3. You must post a picture and a polyp count once a month. Since this is only three months long that shouldn't be too difficult to do. First pictures of the frags are due within three days of arrival into your tank as well. Three pictures of the frag so we can see all of the polyps on the plug would be appreciated. All this is for is to keep all of the honest people honest. If you fail to post a picture of the frag within the allotted time frame you will be DQ'd. All I'm looking for is a picture and polyp count once a month so that shouldn't be too hard to do. Pictures are due at the begining of the month and you will have until the 5th to post each month. I will also expect to have a picture of all of the remaining contestants in the contest to post a picture within 5 days at the end of the competition so we can see who the winner is.


4. Winner's will be strictly based on polyp count to alleviate any issues. Prize are almost all in place but I still have a few that might turn up by the end of this growout so you better make sure you stay on top of the pictures.


5. First post should have a small write up of the tank, powerheads, and what you are feeding your corals. This is more of a learning tool than anything for us.


6. Let's have some fun. The sponsors of the boards here have helped out with some awesome prizes. Let's make sure we don't forget sight of the sponsors that helped make this contest happen. Ocean In a Box, The Premium Aquarium, Bulk Reef Supply, and Totally Exotic Corals of Oregon.




Starting Polyp Counts


Noobtosalt - 5 polyps

mwheeler - 7 polyps

pantherguy30 - 5 polyps

Emerald525 - 5 polyps

Lowman - frag has been picked up still need an update. Don't want you DQ'd at the start of the contest...DOH!

Hozer21 - 5 polyps 1 baby

bace - 6 polyps

CoralCrazy - 5 polyps

Mohaynow - 6 polyps 1 baby

sharoleb - 5 polyps

Xrayguy - 6 polyps

Reefit - Growing them at the shop strictly for fun.

Reefnjunkie - 8 polyps

Wegotis - 6 polyps

Topher - 7 polyps

gawf4fun - 4 polyps

mytshall - 7 polyps

rgrcrain - 5 polyps

Mr S- 6 polyps

Smann - 6 polyps


April 1st updates

Noobtosalt - 5 polyps

mwheeler - DQ'd didn't post up for April's update

pantherguy30 - 5 polyps

Emerald525 - 1 polyp

Lowman - Didn't care about the contest just wanted the zoas....(laugh)

Hozer21 - 6 polyps

bace - 6 polyps

CoralCrazy - 5 polyps same

Mohaynow - 5 polyps

sharoleb - all polyps MIA

Xrayguy - 2 polyps

Reefit - Growing them at the shop strictly for fun.

Reefnjunkie - 8 polyps

Wegotis - 1 polyp

Topher - 7 polyps 1 nub

gawf4fun - 4 polyps

mytshall - 5 polyps

rgrcrain - 1 polyp

Mr S-DQ'd didn't post up a count (Roger I even sent you a PM..) DOH!

Smann - 6 polyps


May 1st updates (only 13 players still in on this one)

Noobtosalt - 5 polyps 2 nubs

pantherguy30 - 5 full heads and 10 babies

Hozer21 - DQ'd didn't post up within the correct time frame

bace - 6 polyps 2 almost full grown babies and 4 nubs

CoralCrazy - 2 polyps 2 babies

Mohaynow - 7 grownups with about 8 babies/nubs

Xrayguy - DQ'd didn't post up within the correct time frame

Wegotis - DQ'd didn't post up within the correct time frame

Topher - 17 polyps including babies

gawf4fun - 7 polyps 2 nubs

mytshall - 5 polyps 2 nubs

rgrcrain - DQ'd didn't post up

Smann - 6 polyps 5 babies


June 1st updates


Noobtosalt - 6 polyps 1 nub

pantherguy30 - 23 polyps including babies

bace - 13 polyps

CoralCrazy - 3 polyps 1 nub

Mohaynow - 20 polyps including babies

Topher - 34 polyps including babies

gawf4fun - 10 polyps 3 nubs

mytshall - 3 polyps 4 babies

Smann - 20 polyps



Final Numbers

Noobtosalt - 10 polyps 1 baby

pantherguy30 - 36/37 polyps

bace - 26 polyps

CoralCrazy -

Mohaynow - 26 polyps

Topher - 50 plus polyps

gawf4fun - 11/12 polyps still needs a picture

mytshall -

Smann - 24 polyps but still needs a picture



Here is the original thread in case we need to revert back to any pictures or comments made in it.





OIAB Lord Acan Colony yes it says the whole colony!!!



Maxi-mini Carpet From The Premium Aquarium thanks to Garrett!! Pictures to come.


Thanks to Jody at TECO for the pictures and prizes.


TECO Joker Favia




TECO Boogyman Chalice (frag of this not the whole colony, picture was just way better than mine)



BRS 2 gallon two part kit, which has enough two part chemicals to mix up a gallon of calcium and alkalinity each and a 20 oz bottle of magnesium. Thanks Jon!!!!


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I have 4 39 watt t5 bulbs two 18k and two acentic over a 50 gallon tank. With two Koralia 750 gph and one Koralia 425. I have the Hang On Refugium with Protein Skimmer 14" from aquatraders it has the 250 gph powerhead running it.






my frag has 7 polyps on it

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8 polyps-







pics of the front and back and side



Tank write up;

40 gallon tank/10 gallon sump


MP 10

150 watt MH DE

2-24 watt actinics

Presently not feeding the tank other than some pellets for the 2 fish with occasional mysis and brine

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First post! Let the competition begin!


150 gallon tank, 4 vhos and 2 175 w MHs, 2 mp40s and one Koralia 4, Calcium reactor, target feed with mixture of oyster feast, cyclopeeze, and brine every third day






Sorry blurry picture but shows clearly shows 5 polyps no babies



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55gal mixed reef

2x Aqueon 950 powerheads

EcoPlus 1056 return pump

20ish gallon sump with 5 gal fuge that has caulerpa + live rock rubble (I run my fuge light opposite my DT lighting)

Sun System Tek Light w/ 4 54watt T-5's (Front to back - UV 454, UV Super Actinic, UV Actinic White, Geissman Pure Actinic) which I run from 1pm-11pm (actinics) and 2pm-10pm(daylights)

Reef Octopus NWB110 skimmer

75lbs live rock

Feeding: I alternate frozen mysis, brine, and arctipods every day or two and I also dump in some DT's Phyto or Brightwell Phytochrom and Zooplanktos-M a couple times per week


Alk: 9 (and I dose about 1/3 to 1/2 oz every day to maintain it)

Ca: 550

Mag: not tested

Salinity: 1.025-1.026


6 heads, NO babies

These pics are from when I just put the frag in the tank




These are an hour later




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120gal tank

Dual 400 watt halides + 4 24' T5's for color

2 Vortechs and 3 Seaswirls on a dart return pump

Feeding "Elos Proskimmer" and "Oysterfeast" a couple times a week

5 polyps


Open (sort of)



PO'd shot



And the bottom to show i'm not hiding any under there(laugh)


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Insert imaginary picture here................... Josh(Mohaynow) is picking up our frags on Sunday and posting pictures. Here are the specs on my tank.

40 g breeder

20 gal sump

in sump skimmer

1 250 radium MH

2 bulb t-5

1 750 Koralia power head

Food: mysis, cyclop ez, daphnia, enriched brine, fish leavins'

water supplemented besides 5 gal water changes every 2 weeks.


ps feel free to contact me when I need to update pics!!! You know you got my back Jesse!!!!

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here are the photos, the photos are of such high quality i can feel you envy as i post them.rofl







polyp count is seven

55gal with 10 gal sump

4-54 watt t5's

1- koralia 1050

1-koralia 750

1- koralia nano

power heads cycled though a wavemaster pro

feed fish and coral with own mix

35 watt uv sterilizer

unknown skimmer

daily dose of reef bio fuel



strontium & molybdenuim suppliment

other eqipment to be listed/edited soon, resently made changes so can't list from memory.

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Polyp count is 7

120 g breeder

2 250 MH (artemis bulbs 20k)

4 bulb t-5 actinics (24w each)

2 MP40

2 sea swirls with mag12



Food: mysis and ELOS coral food

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55g tank no sump (scratch)


hydor koralias: 1050, 425 and a 450 gph (going to replace the smaller two with another 1050gph tomorrow)


48 Inch 4x54 Watt AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture W/ 4 Lunar LEDs

2 ATI blue +

1 ATI purple plus

1 KZ new gen 14K


3g HoB CPR refugium


AquaC Nano Remora Protein Skimmer with 900 maxi jet pump


I occasionally feed cyclopez (maybe weekly. I'm out of it right now.) and sometimes stir up the sand a little... other then that I don't often feed the coral. just mysis and pellets for the fish.







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OK so I picked my frag up and it has 5 polyps and 1 baby






Here is my tank info



90 gallon

25 gallon sump




2 x 250 de Mh

4 x 64 watts PC

8 x Moonlights


water flow

quite one pump 4000 (I think 1000 per hr)

2 #1 koralias (450)

1 #2 koralias (1050)


Cali - 550-560

Alk - 9

Mag- 1200

and I dose Kent Amino acids 2 a week

Salinity- 1.24-1.25


feed fish once a day a mixture of frozen food (prime reef , Mysis , & brine & once a week I use rods food Org )

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Tank info:


75 gallon acrylic

20 gallon sump filled w/ rock & macro algae, some corals. Has a 4 bulb T5 fixture.

2 x 250 watt Phoenix 14k

2 x T5 actinics

2 x 1050 koralias

1 x 750 koralia

Aqua C Remora skimmer

Really bad camera


I feed New Life Spectra fish food almost every day. A couple times a week I feed a small cube of my own home made fish food, a different recipe every time due to availability.


5 polyps:





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Here's my starting entry:


4 polys (had 5 when collected, but lost one due to flow?)


2 MP40's and seaswirl on Iwaki return

2 x 400 watt SPS 14K Metal Halides

2 x 95 watt actinic whites and 2 x 95 watt actinic blues

serve cyclopeze and chromamax weekly

also running bio-pellets which might offer some food source


good luck to everybody

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PM Sent to all of the people that have not posted up. First thread will continue to have updated polyp counts so we know who our competition is.


Good luck!

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6 polyps....


100G tank

Octopus skimmer

Vho actinics

dual 14K MH

I don't feed the corals





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Updated the first page with polyp counts. Only 2 more days till this things gets started. I'm heading down in just a bit to grab my frag.

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50 gallon cube with an eheim 1262 return pump, 30 gallon sump with some macro and a filter sock. Lighting is a 250w Phoenix hqi run off a pfo 250w hqi ballast. Pm calcium reactor, and 1/10 chiller reef octopus recerc skimmer.


5 polyps total, frag picked out by Cos @ OIAB:)






Hahaha! No polyps underneath:)

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Alright so here is my posting. Will post a picture once they open. Just got them home about 20 mins ago.


5 polyps

120 gallon tank with VHO actinic and a 50/50 bulb along with 2 -250w artemis bulbs

40 gallon refugium

20 gallon sump

Return pump is 2400 gph

Powerheads currently running are a 1600 Aqueon and a Koralia Evo1400

Borrowing a skimmer till mine gets fixed but currently running a SWC skimmer

4 baggani cardinal fish

2 bi-color anthias

2 false perc clowns

1 yellow tang

1 leopard wrasse






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Ok so heres my crappy pics. I have 5 polyps. I will try to get a good pic tomorrow of it open.

System: 30g frag tank with a K1. Running 250w MH with 130w pc actinic. Tank feeds into a 75g sump with 2 coralife 65 skimmers. Also hooked into the system is 90g reef, 150g fish only, and 40g fuge. In the frag tank is also 2 pipefish.

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Still need updates from five people. I know a few of you are picking up today. Tomorrow it starts. Let the smack talk begin brad!


Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk

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250 gal tank

Calcium reactor

Kalk reactor

MH lighting wit T5 actinics


Grow out frag will be in attached area with Ecoxotic LED module for lighting


Six Polyps






That little thing in the first pic is glue and sand not a baby polyp, if I'm wrong I correct my count

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Looking forward to seeing how well those do under the LED's.


Four more left to finish up the starting posts.

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Ok, so I picked up my frag today, and Mr S's. And I tried to come up with an excuse as to why I didn't take a picture, but truth be told, the lights are out on my tank and I'm really tired and just really don't feel like taking pics right now. And besides, they are all grumpy from sitting in a cooler all day. One of the frags has 6 polyps and the other has 7, When roger comes over to pick up his I will let him decide which one is his. I will update with pictures and tank info tomorrow after I get off work. Thanks!

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Ok, so I just got back tonight from being at the beach for 3 days and my growout frag only had 3 polyps on it...after doing some searching in my sandbed, I found 2 of the polyps and I re-glued them to the frag plug, but 1 is still MIA. So, I now only have 5 polyps instead of the 6 I started with. Please update my total.


These are pics I just took after re-glueing the 2 polyps that I could find.





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