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Tyree Emerald Mummy Eye Group Buy

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Both are tyree corals which is why this is a crazy deal with lineage. For clarification the other reason I did $15/20 was trying to get less people to deal with. I will feel responsible when fragging this thing and I would rather be dealing with fewer people therefore less risk.


As far as how it compares to the TECO mummy eye I didn't know there was a TECO mummy eye. It is competely different than the BGM or OME and everything I have. It usually has a dark green and orange to pinkish eyes.


I will have a better picture of the exact colony later this evening.


there is not a TECO Mummy eye the only ones I have are the BGM, EME, THE Original Mummy Eye, Oregon Mummy Eye, maybe your thinking of the TECO Boogieman.

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