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Well its my turn to share the love

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This will be like all other share the loves in the way that you should keep it going if you win.

Right now I am thinking it will be two winners I might add a third frag not sure yet. The cut off will be Sunday the 6th at 10pm. I will have my daughter pick numbers out of a hat on the 7th or 8th to pick the winners.


Sorry for the bad pictures


1st. I was told these were some sort of Magicians.5-10 polyps




2nd. Green Hammer not sure how many heads yet



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Maybe some morph of Fire and Ice, I have seen these around and they are not F&I-Nice none the less.


Share nothing-(laugh)


I thought this section was lost, I had stuff to give away-Thanks for the post now I know where the share deal is!

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