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Sub forum with an "Enter" or "Exit"

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Heck' date=' lets just start another forum named 'DQ' - drama queen. Anyone who wants to complain or stir the pot can just do so in there. This way we can all get on with our reefing questions/issues and topics.[/quote']


That’s is a terrific idea, and type in all sincerity, it could be called "rant and rave" or something similar and should have a button you need to click in order to enter, with a disclaimer attached to it- “ENTER” or “EXIT”


That way someone does not inadvertently stumble into the war zone or read something that offends them, I am not advocating for anything that you don’t already find in the out of bounds so its not a smut, cuss, and just be "un-family friendly" but it will have opinions that some may not want to view.

It will get many hits I promise that, its like the National Enquirer-the thing is garbage but it sells a lot of copies


That’s a really great idea-IMO so it wont clutter the out of bounds or other parts of the forum



How does someone facilitate "Change" here, does something formal need to take place, a vote by the BOD?


Its merely a suggestion

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