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After reading DIY thread all the time I would like to propose to all of you a new projects I want my kids to put together.


Would like to printout a mini book of ways to fix common salt water aquarium problems basically on the cheap. For example this is the type of format I would like to see. The more you follow the example the easier it will be for my students to put together.


Problem: Aiptasia epidemic

Solutions: Buy Joes Juice, or get diabetic syringe with the needle on it and inject aiptasia with any of the following: lemon juice or white vinegar. You could go natural by putting in a File Fish (however they can also eat polyps but are easy to net when finished) Kleins Butterfly (hard to net after aiptasia are eaten, also hit and miss on aiptasia eating) You could also get aiptasia eating nudibranchs but very expensive.

For preventitive maintenance you can have peppermint shrimp in your tank. Usually they will only eat small aiptasia.


Hope you get the drift on this. I would also like to see chemical solution like Pickling lime instead of Kalkwauser. Would also like people to put in dosing amounts/how often/ etc.

Vodka dosing, anything you can think of. Please watch your language and make sure you are very basic in your descriptions. My kids will read these and place them in a data base. I would like you write these as if you were telling an 8th grader how to mix it up, deal with the problem or dose.

Thanks, I think this would be great for TFT and members. I realize alot of this stuff is probably in the DIY thread but would like to consolidate it more.


Miles I expect you to go over the Baking Soda stuff again in this thread.

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For the two mentioned you can add:


Mix up Kalkwasser or other calcium (for instance from a two part solution) and use a syringe to inject it into the Aptasia. Peppermint shrimp can be used for small ones provided you get true Peppermint Shrimp. There is another shrimp that looks almost identical to them often found in the stores that is not a true peppermint shrimp that does not eat aptasia. I'll leave it as an exercise for the students to research the difference to tell which one is which. Hint: It has to do with the nostrium (not sure if I have it spelled right).


Kalkwasser is just a fancy name for Pickling Lime which is also a fancy name for Calcium Hydroxide. They are all the same thing. (I get mine at Parkrose Hardware)

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To get more views put drama or flame in the title and an angry face


Hey you experts' date=' respond to this thread. Maybe I should put it in the classified section!!![/quote']



You just need to put "drama" in the title to get more views Roger!(laugh)


Ich would be a good topic there are so many unscientific methods used to treat ich and so much confusion. This was a good thread about it on reef frontiers:



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