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lets see your fungia plates

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Those ones are sweet looking too, someday I will pick one up that has multi colors like that, I like it when the base color is different than the tenticles, the mulitcolored ones are sweet!!(rock2)


dee77 is always full of s.... and all of his past posting showes it. i cant belive you guys fall for his bs and put up with it im the silent one but we i see this on the sit i with we screened people alot closer and would put a stop to all of this lies and ect.....


Relax man, I personally didn't take this thread as serious, he was joking, I am not trying to defend him, but replies like yours are personal attacks in my opinion, I don't even know this "dee77", but I could care less if he really had that funiga or not....He did go on to say not even a couple hours later that he found the image after a google search, I don't think he was trying to be malicious and decieving, it was a joke people...lighten up...(scratch)

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