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Uh, Santa?

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Santa? No! It's Naked chimney guy!


Tue Apr 25, 8:22 AM ET


Believing they had a botched burglary on their hands, police in Hayward, California, called to a house instead found a naked man wedged in its chimney, a police officer said Monday.


"He didn't have a stitch on," Lt. Gary Branson of the Hayward Police Department said, referring to Michael Urbano.


The 23-year-old man came home early Saturday morning and, finding himself locked out and without his keys, tried to enter the single-story house through its chimney.


"He told us he took off his clothes because as he was going down the chimney the clothes would rub up against it and slow him down," Branson said. "If it was skin on cement he felt he would go down easier."


Urbano's effort ended disastrously when a cable-television wire he used to lower himself snapped. He fell and was wedged in a section of the chimney tapering into the home's fireplace.


For the next four hours he cried out for help. A neighbor called police and fire fighters, who dislodged Urbano, Branson said. Officers booked Urbano for being under the influence of drugs, he added.

Sometimes you really have to wonder about people...



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The best part is that he actually thought through the part about taking his clothes off PRIOR to getting into the chimney

Maybe if he would have had the foresight to grease himself down with Crisco first! But like Roy said, he was doing his part to entertain the firefighters!



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