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Share the love....6 times the fun

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OK....so.....I fragged that Blue Polyp monti and I got 6 small frags that would love to find a home to grow in. They are small....largest one is about an inch the others are around half an inch or so. It is said to be a fast grower though so they should grow quick.


I would like to see the winners start the next share the loves unless you already have one going. Don't break the chain..(nono)..as another site put it(naughty).....or was it a member(scratch)


Since there are so many I am going to extend time limit to respond to 24 hours after numbers are called. Then each additional pull will also have 24 hours.


So...."Share the love" is the key word....only 1 post per entry will be allowed....remember your post numbers.


Drawing will be Sat. the 4th around noon. I will try to pull on the dot but as I seem to always be late, lately, I might as well give a warning and say I might be a tad lateDOH!.


Pic's of the colony before fragging....keep in mind this has some coloring up to do as well.....














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Re: Share the love....6 times the fun


I have been told a couple times lately that I had the frags of these very underpriced...even repremanded for it....judging by the caliber of entries I am going to guess they were right.


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Sept. 4th 2010or 2011?lol. He has not been on alot since the crash of the sight

and removal of tapatalk. It is the holiday weekend and things happen! No worries Eric...

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