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Share the love Noob pt. 3

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(clap)(clap)Ok so here's the third share the love from me.(clap)(clap)


I will have my wife choose a number next Sunday night when I get home from work and will post the results at 7:30pm. You have 20 mins just like CA2OR's Share the loves and we will choose a new number after that every 10 mins.


You may only post once during the week to make this a little more fair for everyone. Also the expectation is that if you win you will run a share the love after this one, so make sure you have something you can frag or risk getting flammed by everyone expecting something from your tank.(laugh)


This is what your playing for......




The frag will have at least one polyps (but possibly two babies) but maybe more by the end of the week. I just fragged it tonight so I will post some new pictures tomorrow when the lights are on.


So recap.


August 29th at 7:30pm. 20 mins to chime in if you win, every 10 mins after that I will keep drawing new numbers.

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winner winner chicken dinner............ ive got a neon green stylo in the next share the love


I was really hoping I didn't have to tell you that you lost it by not posting in...(laugh)


I will PM you the details of the pickup!


Let's keep this going!

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