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The Unwanted

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These are the one that you dont see, the ones in the bottom of the tank, the one that show up out of nowhere, the one from between the cracks. they are mostly unattached and unnoticed untill.........


needing new homes are these corals:


Colt/Kenyas still small but I have 4-5 (1"+/-)

Green Mushroom x 2 unattached (3"+)

Purple mushroom with green/blue spots (dime sized)

3 polyps on rubble (orange/brown w/green centers dime & nickel sized)


they will be up for adoption untill someone wants to "share the love" with them.


Sorry, pick up only





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If no one else wants them' date=' Ill share the love. My buddy has a 55 without much in it yet. He only has about 4-5 corals Ive given him[/quote']


Retracting my "love"...the buddy needs them! If you win,he has to become a member and offer tank tours to us southern folks when we are in the area!

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That second pic looks kind of familiar.


it is, the darn thing wont stay put. and everywhere that polyp goes some more are sure to follow. Still only 3 on the rubble but, prob 2 every where it has been.

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