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Mr S


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Would like to thank the following:

Tim at Westside. He donated several hundreds of dollars worth of zoo and sps frags. Also a sweet deal on a pink tailed trigger. I will send you the shrimp bill if he decides to eat them(laugh)

Nano reef: for selling frag plugs the kids made and the deal on the black egg crate.

Kleen your doggie: Mark, always a pleasure to talk to you. Sweet deal on the blue xenia.

Isaac at the mafia: Cool shop. Neat guy to talk to. Thanks for the deal on the LA Laker monti.

Barleycuda(Dave): fixed my MH lites and donated Popeye and his buddy to the school tank. They are doing great in the Nano. Awesome clown set up. Thanks for everything. I can now talk like I know about the fancy clowns(rock2)

Gumby (Jim): Your generosity is a role model for everyone in the club. How often can you go to someones house and they say tell me what you want a frag of. You represent the best. You have actively supported the TFT program and I really appreciate it.

Nick: Rose City. Thanks for the continued support and buying of our frag plugs. You noticed that we now trademark the plugs with the word "solo". It stands for Stephen Only Lucky Osmoplugs". (naughty)

and last but certainly not least.

Bob (Lowman) We started at 10:30 am and did not finish til 9:00 pm. Went around Portland, Camas and Vancouver. You are a great friend. Nothing like a couple of reefer junkies spending the day shopping!

Thanks everyone. You guys really rock.

Roger (Mr. S)

ps. buy frag plugs!

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THANK YOU for everything you are doing for the TFT program. You have & are donating a lot of your time to this program and it is showing!!!


BTW, Let me know how long it takes the class to notice popeye :)



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Thank you Roger for the kind words. It was a pleasure. When it comes to kids I like to do what I can. It was great to see your tanks a couple weeks ago, I really enjoyed them. The demo's of tank wall and diy food were excellent.

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Reefer Junkies eh Roger? I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Great job everyone, an before long, he'll know about the fancy clowns and the high end zoos LOL.

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