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System from 1994

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I got out some old pics and here is my 60 gallon tank from 1994... 16 years ago!

I wish i had that green with brown ring chalice now, i haven't seen another like that, also had a huge tyree blue chalice







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None of the corals, but if i did they would be huge, being over 16 years old. I sold that system in 2000.

Another guy asked about the changes from then to now... so this was fun trying to remember


There where a lot of differences back then here is a break down as i remember... getting old ya know??? lol

Lighting - We had the choice of 400w halide or 175w halide with either 5500k 6500k or the really cool 10k

We had HO or VHO bulbs for florescent lighting

Most of the skimmers where downdraft models, we didn't have the spray injection or the needle wheel. The skimmer i had for the 60 gallon tank was an ETS i remember it standing at 5' tall lol

As for chemicals we had the basic ones, alk, calcium, magnesium, iodine/iodide. Not many calcium reactors until 1996 which i then got a K2R reactor , so you had to either dose or do lots of water changes

Most water movement was done by powerheads, or closed loops. No cool water devices like seaswirls, or ocean motion 4 ways

I do remember the corals and fish where way cheaper, and there where none of the fancy names.

Steve Tyree was just starting out and i purchased a few things from him (ie the blue chalice)

Atleast now you have a lot more variety of stuff which is very nice, the whole chalice crazy was unheard of, the two chalices in the pick above where around 20.00 each... most likely would be 200.00 now (inflation sucks)

Thanks for looking guys always fun to revisit the past glories... oh and we thought xenia was hard to keep

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