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Dallas Tankage

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Hello good folks of the forum!

Just an update on the DHS TFT Tank. Over the summer, I brought the tank home, but in my un-AC'd house the tank suffered a meltdown during the 100+ degree weather. I saved most of the wildlife (clowns included!) by moving them to my home tank, but lost quite a few corals.

No fear, though! My home tank is thriving so I was able to restock the classroom tank before I brought it back to school.

Currently, the tank is doing great. I put a peppermint shrimp, emerald crab, and serpent star in there and students are amazed. They love to drop food in and watch it the tank floor come to life. I have the tank right by my door, so students are always dropping in from the halls to check things out.

I do have one request from the forum; my tank needs new bulbs. The ones it has are over a year old and starting to dim. Any help to that end would be great!

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Thanks Steve. Our teachers need all we can help them with to maintain their TFT tanks for the students!


Lee! Good to hear from you. How about posting a few pics to go with that update?

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