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Re-stocking tank after almost loosing all of my SPS!

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I am so glad you didn't give up on this coral Ryan. I am hoping to get a frag from you eventually. That was one of my favorites!





You'll be the first since I originally go it from you! Im not going to touch it until I have to transfer it from my current tank to my new tank. Im sure I'll end up with a couple of them since its encrusted onto a rock... (scratch)

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Another update on my sunset milli! Im still working on getting its orange colors back, but its taking off like a rocket!!!











Notice all of the new growth!?!?!

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21 more days of recovery and growth!!! (01/10/2010)



This thing is growing faster then any SPS I have ever had!!! The florescent orange color is getting brighter and brighter...I just have a point and shoot, so its hard to capture it, but the color on the edges of the coralites is a pretty good representation of the actual orange color! The ployps are NEON green!

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