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Need stand for Aquapod

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Hi all-


Thanks especially to Kris and John (and all you dues-paying PNWMAS members!) for the beautiful Aquapod that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I've never used one of these before, but it looks very slick.


Now--I hate to keep asking for things but money is very tight, both personally and at school. To get things rolling, I really need a stand for this tank. I've hunted for a table that will fit it, but the only ones I can find are much too big. My room is tight! So--does anyone have an Aquapod stand? Or a table that is at least 20" by 17", preferably not much bigger than that. Height is not too big of a concern. They look like they run about $70 new, but there's no need to spend that if not neccessary. I just cant afford the counter space to put this thing on....


Looking forward to getting this going! I've got a few students who are my "Tank Team". They're pumped.(rock2)

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