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Hi all,


I was wondering if you could give me a brief bio? I am really looking for is the grades & subject you teach and maybe just a few sentences about your tank. Also if you don't mind maybe a couple sentences about your experiences and the impact the tank has had with the students. Do they like it(i know they do) what types of maintanece and educational benefit do you feel they receive from having it in the classroom?


I have been diving into the wiki site and am really impressed with the way it is coming together. Thanks to all you teachers that are introducing our students to this wonderful hobby.





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Right now all tanks are torn down. No electricity in the school til the end of the month. At present I do not know what the new system will entail. I am starting all over so time will tell. Will keep you posted. In the past I had a tank system composed of 1 120, and 3 40g frag tanks with a horse trough as a sump. I used it for lots of my middle school science teaching curriculum. The lessons range from tank chemistry to animal phylum study with living examples. Students use microscopes to study micro organisms to power points on the larger invertebrate species. I push the info on inverts because kids don't realize the importance of them in the big ocean ecosystem. We also talk about mans impact on the reefs and oceans. Students do powerpoints and present to the class. I could go on and on. I have had tanks in the classroom for around 10 years now? and would not go to all the bother of having and maintaining them if I did not fully believe and see what a difference it makes in my students. Even if I taught nothing about the ocean, just the tanks presence gets students interested in what is going on. It is like the first time you ever went to Toys R Us. It never gets old and the questions never stop.

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