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Hey all you science Peeps!

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Attention all Teachers!

I wanted to let you know about a super de duper camp for Kids! Its Camp Magruder its located in Rock Away beach near Tillamook. This camp is so cool. Its perfect for middle school students and high school students. We did lots of field studies,visit tide pools, lots of hiking, there is a lake with small boats,they keep you pretty busy!!!! You sleep in cabins. OMSI runs it. SO much to learn and do!!!! If you like adventure and learning some cool stuff then this is the place for your class!!! Just go a google search on Camp Magruder for more information.




Some highlights Kayla learned about various plants that are edible. We learned about water quality. The best part was using a fish net and scooping up muck from the near by lake and finding lots of cool bugs and nymps and mayfiles. We walked to the beach and had to draw a map of Oregon in the sand and make some mountains,rivers,label cities, using all the material found on the beach. we learned about how to survive if you ever get lost with out using gps! squid dissection, learned about early oregon. We played a game called prey and predator huge hit with the kids. We did learned how to read a map and use a compass,also learned about early Oregon.



Just a idea if your tired of doing the same o same o!!!! Its a great end of the year class trip!!!

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Camp MacGruder


My sis. went to Camp MacGruder back in elementary, for out door school. too bad that got cut from our school the year before i was in 6th-grade. Sounds like fun, though. I always enjoy going to the Oregon Coast. Even if it's drizzly. -portland girl to tha fullest!!- lots of great surfing!!

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