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55 Gallon TruVu Aquarium

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-TruVu 55 Gallon aquarium, plumbed in back. Fairly good condition, external scratches on left side, easier to buff out if needed.



I know it's been a year since I've been around, and folks will vouch for me, but remember, I promised I'd stay out of the hobby and this is pretty much it to go.


-Along with a 55 gallon dual aquarium stand $20


-Metal 10gallon stand $5.


Divorce and me moving to NY is getting me to clean house.

I am willing to do part barter/trade, there is a link on Craigslist of household stuff I'm looking for that the wife is taking.(wife) I've got much to trade and items I'm looking for.



I'm up 'til 1:00AM and live alone, nobody to wake but the dog.







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Dang....I would really like this. I had a Vaccuum, Bissel pet sweeper to be exact that I listed here a while ago, never opened still in box. ended up just giving it away...dang. Nice tank

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Here's the dual 55 gallon stand, I'm planning on touching up with stain, but haven't had time yet.

The metal one I can shoot later, but is black and has steel round tube legs.


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