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  2. I am a supporting member - family membership with Grassi
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  4. Sorry, I'm not an expert on our forum software. I just vaguely remember an issue over a year ago when something changed and vendor posts fell off the top feed. I moved the CNC growout thread to the official Grow Outs forum because it seems more appropriate there. If others object, we can move it back.
  5. So if the software update would have kept vendors post from showing on the front page wouldn’t that have kept Golden Basket and Paradise Corals posts from showing on the front page as new posts Am I missing something
  6. OK, I moved it to the official Grow Out forum:
  7. Is this still available? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reminder. This "grow out" thread should be on the "grow out" forum. Thank you.
  9. Oh, I’ll take it, my buddy just got his and needs some parts I see. Have time tomorrow evening? PM me. Thanks
  10. I don’t think it’s just vendors. I’ve noticed whenever I’ve updated my build or classifieds beyond the first few posts it doesn’t go to the top on the home page. Makes it hard for people to see anyone’s updates on their builds or older posts
  11. The post is under the CNC subforum. I believe there was a change in the forum a while back after a previous software update that prevented vendor forums from showing up as most recent posts. Here's a link to your post:
  12. Well my color is good and it is hairy AF but no encrusting. Or growth, really. I'm not worried, though I'd feel better if there was growth down to the plug. I do feel a little sorry for all the wittle bitty frags in Brad's tank. They're so cute, though! Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  13. @TheClark @Chief The same thing happened to my post in the grow out thread. Not sure why it isn't bumping to the top.
  14. Haven’t killed it yet. I turned up the whites so it looks a little brown but better looking under bluer light. A couple of new nubs growing out of where a branch was cut from it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I made a post to the grow out comp and I figured it would populate the main page which it doesn’t, you have to search for it or find it under the sponsors section. Is this a tech issue or what might be the issue. I need attention 😳 Thanks in advance for any help/answers
  16. I picked this up from Danik and ended up just buying a new BRS unit. I got it for free so it goes out for free. I'm in Battle Ground so keep that in mind. So don't know condition of anything. So good for parts or add an extra di on your system. You could rebuild but it's almost just as much as entry BRS unit.
  17. Still alive 😎 How about yours Gil&Fin that brown bomber still kicking?? ☠️🤪😳 quick pic before the next update- nothing vertical but thats expected, it is encrusting nicely tho I just wanted to be first in posting an unofficial post sorry for the cell pic
  18. Yesterday
  19. And just like that, THERE'S WATER IN THE TANKS! Had enough new salt water to fill first tank last night. No leaks, all working as planned. Used new mixing station overnight to make another batch of water, and filled the 2nd tank this morning! Going to let it run for a day or so before doing more moves. There's always More-to-Do, but this is a great day. Mount LED lights, mount cable track for lights, ... Room overall First Tank Full Second tank this morning And, the second tank fill up!
  20. Well at least it looks like standard Home Depot stuff. I hate when that happens after waiting a week for custom parts you had to order! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. May 30 growout update. There is some growth, but its color has faded a little bit. I think I need to increase the nutrients in this tank. Lots of sps growth in the tank that is consuming nutrients.
  22. There are definitely a lot of self-directed eye rolls in this hobby.
  23. I did the exact same thing when plumbing my mixing station. I forgot to place the union collar, but luckily there was enough pipe length that I could cut it off, add the collar, then use half of a 90 degree elbow to splice it back together as a slip adapter to avoid scrapping the whole assembly:
  24. Ahh - you don't like the white. I agree. Otherwise, looks fine...
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