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  2. Hi, I am a Refrigeration mechanic who specializes in ultra low freezers(-80c). I have a boiler class 5 license and a LEB electrical. I work on a lot of chillers, so if anyone needs help, I’m definitely willing. I’m also capable of installing/repairing HVAC systems. Like I said, I’m here to help so if you need advice, just holler!
  3. Fishless Cycling a New AquariumA Recipe for Success from DrTim's Aquatics!
  4. Thanks! Glad you like it. This thread is only a fraction of what I've documented for the past year on my Reefer XL 425 build thread over at R2R: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/suncrestreefs-red-sea-reefer-xl-425-build.358990/
  5. SuncrestReef, This is a great write up with great pictures and documentation. I will be watching your progress and trying to learn what i can from you. I plan on getting an apex in the future and would also put a trident on this after that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  6. I have one big chunk of live rock that has 3 bubble tip anemones on it i am selling for 130 it takes up about 1/3 of my tank. I am not sure how to get anemones off but if u can do it i will sell the rock for $60 obo and anemones 20 each obo or all of them for $50.
  7. Very cool! Just sent PayPal So should show up In your account soon. Thanks!
  8. Thank you. My wife is the designer. I am just the hired help. LOL.
  9. I used sbreef’s diodes layout since a lot of people were ranting and raving about how well they performed. However, when I bought the replacement diodes they were always given a range for example “royal blue” 440nm-450nm. So, I’m unsure that I got the exact spectrum I was looking for? I was researching the other day and found a par/spectrum meter called a seneye, I think. I might have to buy one to see where I am. Be cool to create ideal spectrum/par of the high end LEDs at a fraction of the price! Also had a hard time finding 14000k epistle style diodes. Anyone have a line?
  10. And the winner is @JimmyK with 200 dollar bid !! Thanks for the generous bid and that puts the winnings at the 5k Mark! PayPal is evry1has1@gmail.com
  11. Hi, You are right. Several of the diodes were out and since they’re in series, took out the whole channel. I replaced the diodes several months ago. Was very easy! I switched out the 3500k for U.V.. just was unsure how many U.V. Bulb were necessary? Also, I added a few 20000k diodes. I was curious if anyone else had changed out diodes for better spectrum and what the results were?
  12. I'll pm you, I just checked ups and got an estimate, a lot cheaper than I thought Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  13. I suppose I could, shipping would probably be expensive though? I could find out though, try USPS and FedEx to see who's cheaper and I'll get back to you. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  14. I’ve redone several black boxes. I would be willing to bet the one with the whole blue channel probably has 1 or two bad diodes (totally out) and the driver is likely fine. You’ll need a multimeter to find which one is bad. The one I use (Fluke...forgetting model), will actually illuminate the LEDs individually so you can check if the diode is still good. Only hard part about replicating a layout is gathering all the different wavelength diodes you want. Is this already a full spectrum black box? You may just want to start swapping a few out here and there and play with it till you like it. Also, my advise on ordering 3w leds from China (off eBay or elsewhere) is to get more then you need. Every batch has a dud usually, some may not last as long due to QC, etc. also, I’ve bought some and the seller is gone and even though many will say they have the same wavelength, they won’t be exact so always good to have extras (from the same batch). Good luck and if you get stuck and want a hand, you can bring them by and I’ll take a look.
  15. For the one fixture that has the entire blue channel out, most likely the driver or the ac/dc power supply is dead for the entire channel and would have to be replaced. As for the other fixture that has select diodes that are out, they should be easy to replace if you have some minimal soldering knowledge as well as can get the correct LED to replace them with. I haven't messed with those specific fixtures myself but have seen one that a biddy of mine has. They look like they use 3 watt led chips. The blue are all the same spectrum, I'm guessing around 440nm or so. If I was to mod the light, I'd get a couple low uv led chips to add to the fixture. The uv radiation is a key factor in color enhancement of sps corals and why people say that t5s are better at coloration for coral than led because alot of fixtures (if not most) back when they first came out, didn't use very low uv LEDs, which ment potentially less color for sps. As for the sbreef color spectrum, it looks pretty good, though, I would probably instead of using all those 450nm wavelengths, I'd do like 60/40 of 440nm and 470nm just to add a little more wide spectrum coverage.
  16. Bump. Attention newly joined members...this thread is a fun way to learn about your fellow club members and we'd love to learn more about what you do outside of reefing!
  17. The only concern would be if your new saltwater parameters are way off from your tank water. In my case, as long as my tank stays between 7.8 - 8.6 then the Trident will keep humming along to test and adjust the dosing appropriately. Outside that range it will alert me and discontinue adjusting the dosing. I wouldn't want to do a water change that throws off the numbers that much even without a Trident.
  18. I’ve got a purple Stylophora that grows really good probably doubled in size in the last few months! One of my favorites!
  19. Nice, might have to try to talk you out of a frag if the Cali tort! I’ve had issues with my hammer colony stinging Monti caps! Caused some STN
  20. That is a great feature. Glad they thought of that. Makes me want it more. I know you do auto water changes daily. Do you see any issues with those of us that do weekly or every other week water changes?
  21. It doesn't have traditional "probes". It's a robotic system that draws tank water and reagents into a reaction chamber, mixes them, and then optically compares the color change. It will need routine maintenance once every 18-24 months. It also has fail-safes where it will only adjust your dosing +/- 35% of your normal amount, so if it reads the parameters outside that range it will stop the automation, just dose the normal amount, and alert you of the problem.
  22. Trident seems like a great leap in reefing. I would love to get into it but I am concerned about short/long term probe life. If it's like hydroponics they only last at most a year with true proper maintenance. I'd hate to lose a tank due to a probe failure. That said, I want this. Although way out of my budget I would love to see what my tank could do when stabilized.
  23. The blue Stylo and much smaller pink Stylo just to the left, I've had for almost 2 years. The red planet is between trumpet and rbta
  24. I wish I had a before of the Cali tort. It was about the size of suncrests slimmer in the beginning except it was like the right branch only. What's really weird is it's just about the only sps I can get to grow besides a pink bird'snest that's not shown, and my red planet.
  25. I've only had the Trident controlling my dosing for a couple days now, but it does appear to have reduced the day/night swings a little bit. This graph shows the days leading up to switching over (while I was also increasing the alkalinity), and two days of data since. I have it set to target 8.20 dKH, but keep in mind the Trident has a +/- 0.05 dKH margin of error, so the reported numbers could be anywhere within that range.
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