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  2. I'm not aware of the signature line for AI Hydra. Here's a copy of my scheme for my Hydra HD 26's. Works great. AI Preset 3_25_2019.aip
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  5. Jeff is also pretty generous when it comes to TanksForTeacher. @scissortail We will be having a cinco de Mayo party there May 5. I’m sure we can hook you up !
  6. Yes indeed. Sad to see her go but it was time for a new home. Hopefully someone here is looking for a nice specimen.
  7. Oh, what a great idea! We also have considerable credit at Cuttlefish we're glad to donate to the kids club. ♡
  8. Looking great! I see the corals settled in nicely, and the boys chose well with their fish. Lots of color in there now! To clarify, this tank is new, since the old one mentioned was drilled, and this setup is without a sump. Easier knowing we’re not relying on 10-year-old silicone seams, as well, although plenty of tanks are older. The stand, canopy, and a few other things did make it over from the Boys & Girls club. Love seeing your progress!
  9. That'd be awesome! Have you by chance tried any of the signature line schedules?
  10. Yea I have one in my other two tanks as return pumps and they’re awesome!
  11. Thanks for the update - looks like great progress! Glad to see things are settling in and you are starting to be able to expand your critter collection. One nice thing about reef tanks is that even with limited stocking, there is almost always something interesting going on. Good to hear the students are already engaged in the tank - hopefully more good things to come.
  12. When you get your new lights, I'd be happy to share my scheme. Nothing fancy, but it works.
  13. the jebao are actually really good pumps. I have several of them that just keep chugging along.
  14. Some of them are. I was ready to point the finger at the driver(s) too but there a bunch that aren't in time with one another and a few that are. I agree that it seems... much less than ideal. Glad to hear it about the 52! This will be my first top-tier LED so I'm sure I'll be blown away by the results.
  15. Yea that makes sense. I actually think that it is the pump and have a dcp8000 on the way. Even if it’s not I have no backup pump so I will be fine with it as a backup. Thanks for the info 👌🏻 Yea I wasn’t aware of what pump it was for the longest then found the box and researched and seems like people have problems. I am going with a jebao dcp8000 which a lot of people seem to be very fond of. If this one craps out I am just going with a reef octopus or vectra and not messing around with it anymore is my thinking on it🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Thank you @Emerald525! We appreciate it a ton! I'm so glad that we can keep the spirit of the tank alive!
  17. Are all the whites flickering together at the same time? Seems like that would suggest a driver issue on that channel. Only time I’ve ever had any sort of flickering issues was when using the low amp channel on a ReefKeeper as the timer for a single channel of black box LEDs. You are in a different situation with the programmable head unit though. No idea on what the pulsing effect would have on corals and their coloration/growth. I would assume it wouldn’t be good especially if you can visibly see it (most lighting does flicker but at a speed not detectable by the human eye). overall I’ve been pleased with my Hydra 52, I’m sure you will like it much more!
  18. In my experience there is nothing wrong with eco plus pumps, mag drive/danner and pondmaster are no better and in my personal experience don't last as long under harsh conditions like year round ponds, they are all Chinese garbage and probably made in the same factory. I've had eco plus run for many years where mag drive die after 1-2 years. In saltwater that may change. That said pumps are electric and will fail eventually. My red sea nano pump is getting weak after less than 2 years and doesn't like to restart half the time, even after a thorough cleaning.
  19. Dang this does look really nice! Makes me want a waterbox as the next aquarium
  20. Hey all, Just a quick note that we dropped off our extremely attractive and healthy Desjardini Red Sea tang off at Seahorse Aquarium a little over a week ago so if you happen to be in the market for one you should take a look (it was still there yesterday). We had the fish for around 2 years and it has done great - only problem is that it was just getting a bit large for the tank and other fish. Not really super aggressive with other fish but just being large and energetic stressed the others out so it was time to find him/her a new home. Never any sign of health issues of any sort. Eats most anything - we fed a mix of Reef Frenzy, mysis, brine and nori. If you happen to be in the market for a good sized specimen (about 5.5 to 6 inches) you should take a look. Sadly no pictures but it is one where the yellow strips turn to spots toward the lower portion of the body... very handsome indeed.
  21. Ok. Mine has grown around a centimeter or a little more height wise plus several new branches and one at the base has grown .5 cm plus one new branch out sideways from near the top has grown about .5 cm too.
  22. Ah - I remember the Photon V2s you had but somehow missed these guys. It is somewhat disconcerting that they were dropped so quickly - wonder if the "undesired results" were something specific or just general underperformance. Well, sounds like you should be in good shape going forward anyway - a lot more info and experience to tap into with the Hydra's thats for sure.
  23. He would have loved to chat with you too! This is his wife, Naomi. I really should change my name on here, lol, it's too close to his name.
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