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  2. Walt Disney frag!

    I have here a lovely wd frag. Cut, healed and as always pest free! 150 firm. No trades and will only hold with paypal. Pick up or meet. Thank you!
  3. My first led fixture

    Cracks me up. Found this gutting some old reef tubs It’s been a long road...
  4. Today
  5. Selling it all

    Photo of skimmer and tank
  6. Head unit, remote display (not pictured) and some misc. modules. $150
  7. Good afternoon

    LOL..................... let's not go that far................................ :). But I do appreciate the welcome, believe me <3
  8. Good afternoon

    Welcome! Beautiful system. I'm sure we will be better for having you!
  9. Good afternoon

    Just let me know what you see in there, and let's see what we can do :). We might be able to find a way to get you something maybe next Spring or so? I do believe we were taking pics, were we not?
  10. Good afternoon

    Hello Carla, I believe we met at the NWFrag Fest. My name is RoBert and I was probably wearing a blue tank top running around all over the place. And I must say your tanks look immaculate, we are probably going to have to work out a trade for next year as I see some goodies in there I would mind getting a frag of. Glad you found us, maybe I will see you around the forums.
  11. If you used good, old, cured live rock a few months of fine. If it was dry or baserock you should wait.
  12. Good afternoon

    I am 20 miles from Glacier Natl. Park. Thank you for the compliments, I try
  13. Good afternoon

    Beautiful tanks, and only two years old? NW Montana? I visit Hamilton often.
  14. 48" Giesemann Aurora

    thank you. It is super nice. It's the Porsche of reef lights. I'm picking up a 6' Giesman for the new tank:)
  15. New in box. 75 calcium tests 75 alkalinity tests 60 magnesium tests $30 or trade for zoa colonies or lps. located in sw Portland
  16. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Is that... a shirt? Or actual tattoos? Either way, ewwwww.
  17. Glass Sump 35.5x15x13

    Winter, someone needs this for a new build
  18. Frag tank setup $245

    Open to trades, don't need this thing...
  19. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    I would have let you know but since we were getting jerked around so much I didn't want to keep rescheduling with people. At any rate it got done and that's what counts. Going to be sore tomorrow though!
  20. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Glad it wasn’t anything too drastic. Looks like you are up and running in the new location - congrats! Sorry I didn’t know or I would have tried to get down there and help out but sounds like you had it covered.
  21. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    We ended up doing it today. There was a lot of shenanigans with our move date. @cjmdh came and helped out. Pretty smooth until we were coming in the door with the stand. Mark had lifting straps so we decided to leave the sump and gear in the stand which was fine until the bottom blew out. Anyways, it's all good. Had a fun time with another reefer and we are all moved!
  22. Selling it all

    Still have most of it left. The tank is the key thing I want gone.
  23. 48" Giesemann Aurora

    Scott this has ur name all over it
  24. 48" Giesemann Aurora

    Nice light! GLWS............
  25. Face to the name?

    To be honest, I just never really wandered in there til a little later..............lol. If you hold this again next year I will definitely be back, that was a whole bunch of fun!!
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