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  2. Wow those lucky duckies! [emoji39][emoji256]and I have to say I'm a little jealous about your sump space lol Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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  4. I love fritz. It's cheap and mixes really clean
  5. I use Fritz blue box, and I like it.
  6. I've been using the Fritz blue box for a while now and its been stable.
  7. I have heard a lot of things about Fritz particularly alk issues. All commercial salts can have a bad batch even Red Sea so not a bad idea to test once in a while. If Kent has been working for you I wouldn’t recommend changing it. I know there are members who got on the Fritz bandwagon and regretted it mainly because they didn’t follow the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” rule . I also will never use Fritz salt because they agreed to support our frag show for Tanks for Teachers and when it was time to donate I heard nothing back and they also didn’t respond to two vendors. Side note Rod from Rods food personally answers my emails and always delivers and is always willing to support Tanks for teachers and schools in general. Lol sorry for the long note! Guess I missed you Jeramy welcome back! 😂
  8. Yes I told Sirena this tank would be perfect if it had a sump! Thanks again Jeff it was great to see you friend !
  9. Used Fritz for a few years, lately the batches have been super inconsistent to the point I ended up switching to Red Sea coral Pro
  10. That’s awesome Sirena! Might as. Well get the kids used to the “bigger is better” tank escalation early! Teasing aside - that should be a great tank for them. I do like the idea of adding a sump though 👍
  11. What I love about our community is the willingness to give and teach. My daughter’s and grandkids tank needed a new light because theirs died last night. I texted a few people late last night and of course there were willing participants! Well then I messaged Jeff at Cuttlefish and he had the same light we had so we went in today and had lunch and chatted and well not only did we get a light to save the day... but now the kids have a much larger tank!! Whoa. From a 25 gallon to a 60 [emoji15][emoji2962][emoji848]. Needless to say I dropped it off and all the kids are super excited. Will be starting the cycle in about 2 weeks. Although seriously considering having someone drill it (ehhh hmmm Scott) so I can put in a sump [emoji2374] Thanks Jeff for making the kids day.... 2 of the 3 have birthdays coming up so this was perfect. We will have to come pick out some super amazing coral though... soooo much more room!!! New to us light to save the day on the old tank Temporary home on the garage till I can get some more sand and rock. So much room for a sump!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I got a lot of problems, instability on parameters, special alkalinity, it's no worth, MP0.I found from other people and a store,not recommended.
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  14. Hey Jeramy, I know we had several users of the Fritz RPM on the forum so hopefully they will chime in with some feedback. I always hesitate to change things up if one is having success but I can understand the attraction to making things easier given everything else one has to commit time to in this hobby. Good luck!
  15. Howdy Folks, Been outa the loop with the forum and all sense I moved to the country no more meetings or local frag swaps n all. But I have reached the end on my bucket on Kent salt and have heard some good things about the RPM any one else make the switch pros and cons I have always used the Kent salt for the last 10 years this is the first time I have though about switching mostly for the ability to make salt water fast is all . Kinda goes against the nothing good comes fast in reefing policy I have always had but would be a quality of life upgrade. Thanks in Advance 🤠
  16. Okay. I will let you know tomorrow if anything has sold, and I would be willing to make a deal.
  17. Ok thanks. If you don’t sell them let me know. I may be interested in buying everything you have if we can make a deal on them.
  18. So I have to break down one of my tanks, I have to many now. Lol so I have this nuvo 30 long with its matching cabinet, comes with extras like 2 In tank caddies, upgraded marine dc return pump, jeabo wave maker, smart ATO, hydro slim skimmer, power switch console, heater, finally Kessil 360 with goose neck. I sold most of the the live stock but there are still some in the like frog spawn, red mushrooms, all the rock and sand saying that It’s still running. Idk if you interested shoot me a message if you are. I’m trying to get at least $600 I think that’s decent.
  19. Hot Dam!!! That grill is gonna be Smokin!
  20. The Acans are pending, but the SPS are available and possibly some Zoas as well. Prices for SPS are posted below the pictures and zoas will vary.
  21. Are the Zoas and acans still available?
  22. Are the spas and acans still available? How much do you want for all the corals?
  23. Unfortunately, I am not gonna make it.
  24. I'll take that today if your attending the meeting!
  25. TaylorW

    New build

    Well if you do end up selling the nems I may take one or three off your hands [emoji6] I know it can be scary to take a chisel to your rock but I've done it countless times in the past to remove them and most of the time they come off much easier than you would think. Good luck! Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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