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  2. Alk to high

    Alk looks Fine, Cal looks Fine, Make sure to test the Mag just to ensure everything is in proper balance. 11 is higher than the typically recommended range but as long as Cal & Mag are within range and things are holding stable you should have no issues. In fact Dana Riddle suggests in his studies that a higher Alk = Faster Growing Corals, Something Ryan & the BRS team decided to follow through with as of recently with an Investigates Series most likely due to Dana's '17 Macna Presentation. I would be more concerned if you were planning on lowering that number, how exactly you intended on doing that in a 20 Gallon slowly without causing a massive Alk Swing.
  3. Alk to high

    FYI... muriatic acid will lower your alk instantly. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. Buying a used ICP-OES Testing Machine

    YES!!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. This algae popped up a while back and i trimmed it off and covered it with superglue but it has come back. It is only on this small rock with some zoas on it and as you can see Benny the Blenny likes to perch on it but not eat it. The bristle worms love it too. It feels like plastic and crunches when you pull it off.
  6. Killion....

    Ouch! He looks like he could do some damage!
  7. Killion....

    Apparently Killion my eel has not heard of the saying “Dont bite the hand that feeds you”. Tonight he mistakenly thought my finger might have been a piece of shrimp. Totally my fault, as I focused on trying to get a piece of shrimp under a leg of the starfish (with tongs), while fending off the two tangs that kept stealing it with every previous attempt. Killion came up behind me and tested out a finger. Quickly let go when he figured out it wasn’t shrimp. Blood, sliced it but no chunks gone. Now I know what it feels like getting a love bite. [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jumping fish

  9. Jumping fish

    i have a huge beautiful rimless tank... with a big dumb screen over it :( Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. Can rapid growth cause color fade?

    low nutrients equals starving corals = faded corals. undetectable nitrates... i would feed HEAVILY or add some stump remover Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk

    Yea but I bought it with out the display working . So I can’t even get a new token .. or get the wireless set up.. if you know how to do it with out ,, I am open to sudgestions ..
  12. ID help

    No sweepers at all!! Day or nights feeding or not feeding!! So guess it is still unknown!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    I’m pretty sure with the classic there is nothing you cannot do without the display. A while back my Apex went sideways on me and I couldn’t find the stupid display. I was able to fix it without.
  14. You are on the list !😀
  15. Golden Basket LPS Group Buy !!

    May I please be on the list for GB Maul Acan Enchanita and the GB Lava Rain Chalice thank you
  16. Well folks, the deadline is in a few days here, I know I need to get my camera battery charged and take those pics too. And don't forget Jeff may have some replacements for certain mishaps that may have taken place. I find it odd that a few did not open, I made sure to dip mine and then it looked happy the next day. Like Kim said it can take a few days to weeks to get some zoas to bounce back, so don't give up the fight. Oh, and one more thing, as long as there are no objections we have added a last minute contestant to the game, The DSBlack, I feel the more the merrier... So I sure hope Kim and Jtarmitage can get to Cuttlefish And Corals soon and get back in on this.
  17. Looking for a ~40g for my daughter

    I'm your huckleberry I got a 40g breeder that has a tiny crack at the top boarder that is not fit for water use anymore. Other than the small crack it is in brand new condition, you're welcome to it, free of charge. Pick-up is in Tigard.
  18. List updated!😀
  19. put me down for 1 GB Blood Drop & 1 GB Maul Acan Enchanita
  20. Looking for a pump for water changes.

    Anyone have a APEX Classic Black display they could part with? maybe a system that died but still has working display? I am looking for one.... I purchased one with a Bad display... I knew it was broke , but thought maybe I could get it up and running with Tablet or something. But seems to be a lot of things need the display.. So I purchased a Display but it was a newer silver one that now I found out is not compatible. I just keep making bad decisions. If you have one please let me know.. I can not find one anywhere or I would buy it.. I already spent 100.00 on one that cant work on it :(
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  23. Looking for a ~40g for my daughter

    lol - i saw that but was too late. Which got me thinking - I have had tanks in my garage before I wanted to get rid of Thanks!
  24. Whys my tank seems to be flushing?

    The drain line has 2 holes already drilled. I just drilled another small hole in the top, and it seems to be working perfect now. Thanks all for the pointer, videos, and advice. I do appreciate all your help!!
  25. Ayyy I am setting up a 40b from my 15b and need more rock and sand for it! Let me know what you got!
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