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  2. Red Sea Tanks - How It's Made

    They don't claim it's low-iron. They say it's 'ultra-clear', whatever that means.
  3. Red Sea Tanks - How It's Made

    The regular glass on the left low iron on the right
  4. Latest Shipment! Plus another Auction?!

    Yes more auctions! Particularly the flame wrasse lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. CNC Auction#4 : Red Speckle Zoanthids

    If anyone is interested in this zoa, shoot me a PM. I’d be happy to frag it out.
  6. Latest Shipment! Plus another Auction?!

    Yet more fantastic looking specimens - love me some flame wrasses! That wall hammer is pretty sweet and yet more killer acans too!
  7. Latest Shipment! Plus another Auction?!

    Dodge’s Ultimate Uber super spectacular Goldie’s. It came in on a maricultured rock so I’m sure it has a name but not one I’m familiar with.
  8. Latest Shipment! Plus another Auction?!

    Very nice shipment, Jeff! We got a name for this one? Sent from my man cave while drinking Coronas at Holly's [emoji481]
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  10. Latest Shipment! Plus another Auction?!

    We will do both Chris. Don’t u worry.
  11. Latest Shipment! Plus another Auction?!

    Nice shipment!!! Sucks for the people that don’t FB
  12. We got 30 boxes in today! Hawaiian Flame Wrass and 5 Blue Spot Jawfish! Along with many corals! And yes we are going to do another auction, but this time it will be on facebook! Stay tuned for further details!
  13. Nice come back ! One thing about this hobby , is it can be pretty unforgiving. You can be in top of things for months on end and slack off just a week or 2 and lose almost everything. Sometimes it’s disasters like this that we learn the most. Sorry you lost so many corals but glad you stuck it out and it’s amazing how well everything looks.
  14. Looking good! Glad you were finally able to get things into shape but sorry to hear about your losses. Indeed, doesn't take long for things to go south in a hurry if certain factors slip. BTW - is that a Strawberry Fields monti in that first pic?
  15. freshwater dip vs copper dip

    I dip all new fish with 65ppm hydrogen peroxide (1ml 3% hydrogen peroxide per 1 pint of tank water) in a bucket for 30min. I only buys fish that have no visible ich/velvet on their bodies, but I have purchased fish in tanks known to have ich. Give that a try and let us know if ich comes off after dip. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  16. So if there is one thing this hobby has taught me it’s that A: Nothing Good happens fast. B: Bad things can happen very quickly if you don’t do your part to prevent them. I got flatworms because I used to never dip corals. I let them get way out of control because I didn’t see any real damage so I thought it was no big deal. After dosing Flatworm Exit 6 times with a double strength dose each time I had killed 99% of them. Only problem was, I slacked on water changes, then my skimmer went out. Then my salt got back ordered and set my water changes back another month. The result was me losing most of my sps, some Zoa colonies and an acan colony. Along with a torch colony and I’m sure a few others I’ve managed to forget about. After 2 months of weekly 25% water changes and dosing NoPox I’m finally back to being beautiful. Phosphates were at 3.4! Now I’m excited to be at .5, that’s right, not .05, .5! My tank looks great and I’m still dosing and doing water changes. Also took out 3 tangs, and a coral beauty. So the bioload is smaller. Got my skimmer working better than ever with a bigger pump. I’m pretty excited. Oh, and I got a copperband and got it to eat mysis! He’ll be going in this weekend I really wish I could post a video of the tank I took this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. March 2018 Meet at Hollys Pics

    Wonderful photos!! Holly's tanks are so gorgeous!! Thank you for all the hard work put into this! I feel so blessed to be in this club full of active members and excellent leadership!
  18. GB Emperors V2

    Thanks albertareef! I must admit, I do have champagne taste but on a beer budget, haha. [emoji12] Sent from my man cave while drinking Coronas at Holly's [emoji481]
  19. GB Emperors V2

    Awesome MrBret! We're good to go! I'll place the order today. I'll keep in touch with the details... Sent from my man cave while drinking Coronas at Holly's [emoji481]
  20. GB Emperors V2

    Hey R-3, yeah...best jump on it when you see it on the low, but you might be waiting for a while. [emoji16] Sent from my man cave while drinking Coronas at Holly's [emoji481]
  21. GB Emperors V2

    Gotcha down for 1 polyp, bro! MrBret has been a conessuier of zoas for quite some time, years in fact and from what I hear, he has a mass collection of zoas along with other corals. So, if he's jumping in on this, you know it's a great deal[emoji3]! Thanks Bret, I'll keep in touch with the details... Sent from my man cave while drinking Coronas at Holly's [emoji481]
  22. Red Sea Tanks - How It's Made

    There is no osha over there they just get things done and if you lose a diget or two that's ok........
  23. 2nd price drop - $100 canoe?

    Row row row your boat gently down the stream...ya right.
  24. Wrasse in Bare Bottom Sps Tank?

    halichoeres should have sand, they bury nightly to sleep, and since sand burying wrasse dont create a thick mucus coating like flashers or fairies, they should have sand to retreat in and feel comfortable. Also, they will more than likely bust up the lips trying to bury which will make them stop eating, and eventually die... leopards are far worse at doing this, but a small sand bin works, if they can find it easily.
  25. freshwater dip vs copper dip

    freshwater dips are "OK" for flukes, but does absolutely nothing for ich or velvet. Hypo is best, or tank transfer, but a QT tank with cupramine is always handy to have as well.
  26. Gravel to Sand switch: Possible?

    fiji pink is light and blows like crazy... you'll notice spots quickly that are to much flow directly on the sand. you can always put a rock on top of that spot as well to divert the flow.
  27. March 2018 Meet at Hollys Pics

    Thanks for posting those Cherany! Glad you were able to catch Bert presenting his talk along with the tech support 😀. Super informative and well put together - thanks again Bert!
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