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  2. I have a spare chiller that we don't need at work so I figured I would see if anyone needs a chiller. It is 1/2 horse..or maybe 3/4 but I can say it is the most efficient chiller I have ever used and I have used almost all of them. It will drop a 240 gallon IBC tote full of water in a 90 degree warehouse 20 degrees overnight. There are made by a guy in Florida and sold under the trade name Penguin chillers. 1" inlet and outlet. Titanium coils, digital programmable thermostat. $250 for members. They are $450 new. Cheers Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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  4. Mirror is working amazingly. The wrasse is barley getting chased, dottyback has mellowed. Added bonus the clownfish have been swimming in front of the mirror non stop they are super interested in the additional clownfish they are seeing 😂
  5. Just do the backstroke for the 200m swim. It's the easiest haha. For treading water, there are different kicks and hand motions you can use. Circles, figure 8, sculling etc. You can also use just hands or just feet to give each a break. It's not too bad. Good luck!
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  7. Maybe your ATS was working TOO good. Zero PO4 is not good IME.
  8. Sorry to hear about your struggles Daniel but glad things seem to be turning around. Not sure if you saw the thread from PDXmonkeyboy about his water related issues but he chased it down to an ammonia spike caused by increased chloramine in the water supply overwhelming his RODI and resulting in measurable ammonia getting added to his tank during water changes. Not sure if something like that could have happened to you (over a longer time frame) but the dates seem like they might align. Sounds like you have some nice new fish lined up to join the DT crowd!
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  10. Haha ok thanks guys. It's just mostly looking at stock. Most questions I just google so I don't bother any employees
  11. I have one on my red sea refer 170. I have seen my cat looking st the fish now thinking about jumping on it. I don't think it will stop her from jumping it. And may actually encourage he to try. The artfully acrylic ones are nice and fit well. Definitely like knowing the fish can't jump out.
  12. i'll take the Engineer Goby
  13. Just when I thought I got everything figured out, this happened... So at the beginning of May, all my sps started to look stressed and my gonioporas were not expanding as much as they did. My routine water tests showed Alk=8dkh, Ca=400ppm, Mg=1325ppm, NO4=0ppm. pH and Temp swings were within expectation, and salinity was around 35 to 36ppt. My ATS was still striping out 2 quarts of algae every 2 weeks and skimmer cup cleaned every 1-2 weeks. As a couple weeks passed, things started to turn for the worse. I suspected it might be the sandbed is over saturated and started to release "stuff" or promoting too much bacteria growth. My sps started to STN then RTN. My reef was turning to white skeletons. :( With May being a real rough month for my wife and I as our baby was super fussy and wasn't sleeping well. Unable to allocate the time required, I keep pushing off removing the sandbed with major water change. Few weeks gone by to early June and only 2 or 3 of my sps colonies were still hanging on, LPS such as hammer corals are still doing ok but not expending as big. Gonioporas are suffering with only 1 big red one doing well. I also realized I haven't changed the carbon filters on my RO unit for a little over a year. I ended up replacing all the filters to my RO unit (micro filter, 2 carbon filters, and RO membrane) just in case the chlorine have damaged the RO membrane. I made about 100gal of fresh saltwater with the new filters. I ended up sucking out 90+% of the sandbed with a flexible 1.25" hose along with about 100gal of water and leaving enough sand at a corner for my leopard wrasses. There were lots of detritus in the sandbed as expected but the sandbed wasn't "dead". There wasn't any black sulfur smelly sand patches. I tried to sift through the sand and find all the snails then toss them back in the tank. 3 weeks after the sand removal and water change (25% total volume), surviving sps are still alive, hammers are expanding bigger, and gonioporas have recovered. My system is heavy stocked with fish and I feed generous amount to keep everyone happy. Even though my ATS was about to keep NO4 at immeasurable amount, I think the sandbed have accumulated too much detritus and started to have negative impact. Because the sand bed was still loose and wasn't black dead sand, I really don't know what is the exact trigger that caused the SPS to all RTN. Maybe the sandbed promoted too much of the bacteria that infects sps and caused RTN? Since removal of most of the sand, film algae that coats my glass have slowed and ATS is still pulling out 2 quarts of algae every 2 weeks. Some good news... after 2.5 months, baby's 4 months present, a regal angel, from my brother is ready to be introduced to the DT. It was in 50gal cube frag tank being fatten up on flakes and various frozen food. Now, it's in the social box with a regal tang. I'm hoping to release them by end of the week.
  14. It pains me to do this but I'm downsizing one of my tanks so these guys gotta go, if you're interested you'll have to pick up locally (forest grove area) Blue Tang ~4 inches plus, awesome funny fish $35 Yellow Tang ~4 inches $25, super funny fish, lives for his/her nori Engineer Goby ~8 inches or so long (hard to tell cuz most of his body is usually hidden with just his head poking out) he is by far my favorite fish! I love his puppy dog face, he has his beautiful adult black and yellow coloring $20 Six Line Wrasse (internet pic, hard to take a decent pic moves around too much) never had any issues whatsoever with this guy $10 I hope my prices sound fair, can't remember what I paid for a couple: ) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J120AZ using Tapatalk
  15. Very cool! I'm envious but probably wouldn't be able to survive the distance swim and water treading these days. Used to be a good swimmer as a teen but that was a loooong time ago now. Good luck man - hope you get to see some cool sea life. Do you have an underwater camera?
  16. In a couple weeks my family is headed to Hawaii for a week and I'm stoked! The first three days there, I'll be getting my open water scuba certification. The course has four open water dives for certification. We'll be diving at the reef so it should be quite the experience! I think my biggest hurdle will be the 200m swim and treading water for ten minutes. I am a terrible swimmer and have no natural buoyancy, so I just sink. I am super involved in competitive sports so I'm not thinking cardio should be an issue...but dang 200 meters is far, haha. I'm going to head to the local swimming pool and test myself several times. Wish me luck! My step dad and mom are certified, but my step dad had decided he no longer wants to dive. So he gave me all this new gear he bought that only has a couple dives worth of use. New computer to gauge depth, rate of descent/ascent, and all kinds of other stuff I don't yet understand, top of the line BCU, snorkel, fins, boots, dive bag, the works! He basically said, "Now you have to be your mom's dive buddy." I assure you, that was fine by me! I've gone scuba diving twice before, but definitely excited for the certification. And because any thread is worthless without pics, here are a couple:
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  18. Also BRS gets my nod for awesome customer service. They've been pretty accommodating considering they certainly didn't have to be.
  19. I think I might just spend some time messing with the reefkeeper. I mean... it's aleady all bolted into my cabinet and with all the cables all tidy and I just don't want to go through pulling it all apart again just yet. Maybe I'll see about getting a new ph probe and just spend some more time attempting to get the programming set. I know it's controlling the heater and light timers just work. I suppose the fan programming is likely user error. I really just want the remote access function and alerts. The fact that I literally couldn't do anything about the heatwave when I'd so specifically set it up to prevent the issue drove me bananas.
  20. I've seen so many folks ask about adding things like tangs to their goldfish tanks - while I was browsing a LFS. I can imagine as long as you show some actual knowledge of the hobby and the store isn't overly busy most employees would be happy to engage you.
  21. That does actually sound reasonable of BRS. You might be right, a full on controller setup might not be the best solution for you, Just keep in mind we haven't had controllers for all that long and most people are still perfectly fine and successful without them. They simply add peace of mind for some of us. I do truly think when it comes to products such as these you get what you pay for, but I wouldn't go out purchasing a full apex system at this point seeing your frustrations with the reefKeeper. Also keep in mind with the apex there is light programming involved, and if this isn't your expertise while there is plenty of help available its 99.9% user error when something goes wrong, and things can get bad depending upon what your trying to achieve. I would suggest if your still interested maybe looking here, R2R or Nano-Reef for a used apex jr. This would give you a temp probe to control your heater and 3 sockets left to play around with and get the hang of. I have seen the classic Jr. Models sell for as little as $125 so if you decide its not a good fit , you wont be out too much money, otherwise you could slowly add modules that you might want and the Jr. now supports up to 7.
  22. yes Artfully acrylic is where I ordered mine as well. It takes a while as they custom make each one. We are getting Bengal kittens which like water so we wanted to be extra careful. You know how Sirena is with her seahorses. It would be easy pickings for a cat and this was what other owners recommended as it locks in place.
  23. Anyone want to buy or trade the 210?
  24. BRS will let me return it for a stocking fee- which I think is reasonable. I did program it with the computer and I loathed every second of it. The daisy chaining module effect means you can't actually just plug all of it in to program it- you have to dink around and unplug some things to program parts of it and so on. Oh and all that was after I figured out that everything needed a firmware update and had to be plugged in one unit at a time. Then the head unit wouldn't recognize the slx module. Oh and I did leave the ph probe in the two solutions for a very long time- as the video online told me to. Maybe I just am not a target market for controllers. Honestly if the apex is a more complex version of the reefkeeper I'll probably just end up even more frustrated. Though I feel my biggest issue is that the reefkeeper programming actually failed.
  25. Sold, please close Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  26. Thanks for the replies. I need to get 25 posts before I can use classifieds, then I'll probably reply and see about getting a $150 chiller. My home AC just isn't programmable enough to trust the highs and lows. Has anyone used the probes or thermostats with luck? Looks like they only fine tune a couple degrees if I'm reading right?
  27. I like the Idea of the Flasher Wrasse,but the dwarf angels seem a bit large to me, as much as Idlove and Eiblis or BiColor. Another I had my eye on was the Lantern Bass. Semi Agressive, so should be able to hold its own with the damsel, and a bit larger, around 4 inches. It also doesnt fall into the typical beginner fish category. anyone with experience with these guys?
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