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  2. I'd love this, but my tank has only been up for a couple months, so still some waiting to do for me . I'm only a few minutes from you though, so it would have been great
  3. Holy cow that’s beautiful! Too bad my nem tank is up and running yet :/ good luck with your sale!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It’s nearly as big as this one when opened. It is a clone of this one too
  5. Today
  6. The photo doesn’t do this justice, it’s a clone of the “Good photo” and nearly as big. $50 OBO located in Salmon creek, which is northern Vancouver. 10minutes from Jansen beach. five oh three 757-6700 -text or call
  7. Rocks & Shrooms

    Doing a little house cleaning today. I have 2 good size rocks with Green Mushrooms and 1 rock with Branching GSP. Looking to trade for rock,SPS , or ? Let me know what you have. Located in Keizer.
  8. Thanks Jeff!!

    Pleasure seeing u. Hope u enjoy them.
  9. Face to the name?

    I do recall seeing you at the frag fest, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to introduce myself....hello Carla, I'm Dodge (Optimusprime)
  10. Thanks Jeff!!

    My nem tank needs these too. Gotta catch 'em all!
  11. Good afternoon

    Couldn't figure out how to delete the quote, I only know enuf about computers to be dangerous :). Anyways, here's some pics of my 75 gallon refugium/frag tank/garbage disposal. this is lit with a 4 bulb T5 fixture, only 2 of the bulbs are working because I am too lazy to go down to Missoula to get replacement bulbs
  12. Face to the name?

    Some one asked :).
  13. Good afternoon

    I used to drive to Seattle for their summer BBQ when there was a PSAS..............................lol. The driving part is nothing . I'll work on finding a pic for the "Face to Name " thread when I get more coffee in me. And thank you all for the compliments. This is a great hobby and I am more than happy to share
  14. Good afternoon

    Thank you for having me
  15. Looking for yellow tang

    Anyone selling yellow tang or giving away? Pls let me know thx and be blessed
  16. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Hey! Respect the gauntlet! I don't want to see Justin Beiber undies any more than Kim does. What you guys google on your own time is your own business.
  17. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    You make a great point. Ok, let's go with this one, and I'll whip up some pink dye! The only problem I foresee is being mistaken for cotton candy, but nothing a pair of googly eyes can't fix.
  18. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    Mini lop for the win! Definitely a cute one but not sure it’s bright enough for you Cherany 😁
  19. Thanks Jeff!!

    But I need them all..... [emoji23] nem tank isn’t complete without a flame tip! hopefully he gets two and we can share... [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    Using Tapatalk so I can’t see the pole buttttt.... a Radion XR15 would be sweet oh or another Ecotech return pump. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Thanks Jeff!!

    You already have the Colorado ! Don't get greedy !😀
  22. Thanks Jeff!!

    Definitely worth the wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Thanks Jeff!!

    Me too!!! Better stay away from my flame tip Kim! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Thanks Jeff!!

    Im waiting for colorado sunburst!!!!!
  25. Stock Update From Santa Monica Filtration®

    Stock update from Santa Monica Filtration 1 - RAIN2 with 4 lights 0 - RAIN2 with 2 lights 1 - RAIN2 with 1 light 1 - SURF8 1 - SURF8x 5 - SURF4 2 - SURF4x 10 - SURF2 7 - SURF2x 1 - SURF2xx 5 - HOG3 3 - HOG3x 1 - HOG3xx 8 - HOG2 4 - HOG1.3 19 - HOG1 5 - HOG1x 19 - HOG.5 2 - DROP1.4 4 - DROP1.4x 7 - DROP1.2 10 - DROP1.2x 9 - DROP.6 8 - DROP.6x 2 - DROP.2 19 - Fusion 700 air pumps 1 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - black 0 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - white 8 - 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 2 -- 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 12 - 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 3 -- 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 4 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 4 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 0 - WAVY (2 week time to ship) Purchase at: www.Santa-Monica.cc Selection chart: http://algaescrubber.net/WhichOne.jpg
  26. Tapatalk?

  27. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Oh I found a few things I may have to order some for the party Maybe if we feed Dodge enough beer he can model them
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