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  2. I NEED a huge bubble like that in my new tank...harder to come by these days! Nice collection 👍
  3. Thanks to @chewie I'm all prepared for my trip! BRS sent a shipping confirmation today, so I should get my refill pack next week after I return.
  4. Small nano aquarium. Sand is still in it could use a good scrub. No rock. Leds and bubble bar work good. Trade for a cool smaller anemone or power heads/new filter?
  5. Someone looks sad you're selling
  6. Corals. First, find buyers for the most sensitive things, especially that are was"easy" to remove. Clipping an acro off a rock is almost certainly easier than catching a wrasse or tang. Once all the sensitive corals are gone, you can do melev's trick to pull all the rocks for easy fish catching (put the rock back in right away). So fish go second, after sensitive corals. Then you sell the rest of the livestock, maybe throwing in some cuc with fish sales, rock/sand is last unless you sell a specific rock with a coral or something. Then sell the equipment/accessories don't even post the equipment for sale until the tank is dry Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  7. Located in vancouver WA, happy to Frag anything shown. text five oh three- 757- sixty seven hundred
  8. Debbi

    120 gallon

    Thank you. That's what I was thinking.
  9. Debbi

    120 gallon

    Thank you. That's what I was thinking. I just really dont know where to start. That was very helpful.
  10. Gorgonian, lobo, monti, purple sponge, birds nest(s), Ricardia.
  11. Second that. Orange one is sweet.
  12. I have these 2 hammer small colonies for $60ea, or can make frags of any of the following corals to size/cost you wish.
  13. Wow... awesome collection Daniel. I want that multitone orange hammer BTW 😄
  14. Yesterday
  15. 🤤 Those hammers are incredible
  16. Wow those are amazing! I would love to see those at Frag Fest
  17. Got some new additions to my collection today! I placed them in my frag tank before rearranging my previous corals but still can't get them all to fit in my 50 gal cube LPS garden. When I decided to leave the aluminum film on the styrofoam underneath the tank, I figure it would be good to help light up underside of the frags. Now I see, it's a terrible idea for taking top down coral photos. haha I had to remove some previous favorites to another tank. I don't want to setup a 5th tank so maybe if I decide I can part with some, then I may bring some to coming NW frag fest.
  18. I'm also in BG, am interested in your RODI system. Can you please text me at 360-601-0614 if still available, thank you.
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