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  2. I’ve got two running over my frag tank, which is sps heavy. You can stop by sometime and see them in person if you want.
  3. If you don't like mounting high and ok with some high spill, you can remove the ReeFlectors. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Then you can probably go 4ft spread with higher mount but there will be a lot of light spilling out on the front and back for long narrow tanks. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  5. No SPS here. Leathers, LPS, Euphyllias, etc...easy stuff lol. Light looks promising
  6. Yeah, that makes sense. I saw they are using A4998 stepper drivers, it could be so much quieter with TMC2130s. They are pin compatible and dead quiet. A few more bucks but not much... I think that is the subtle appeal of the reefbot for me, its the high leverage of 3d printer components in the design. Good stuff! Crazy that mindstream is doing their thing finally, definitely gonna check it out.
  7. I think that waterbox is 3ft x 2ft. Spread really depends on the height of the mount. I would say at most 3ft for even spread. For tanks full of tightly dense SPS colonies, you would probably want more led units closer together. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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  9. I do work..............and dont get on the forum during the day
  10. What are the dimensions on this WB tank? 3x2? Is that the max spread Daniel?
  11. Don’t forget Mindstream. It is now on sale. They are shipping in about a month. 10 parameters: Alk, ca, mg, k, salinity, ph, O2, CO2, temp, ammonia. It’s pricey, but not that different from the other options.
  12. Yeah, good point. Just having fun evaluating the options, and Trident is certainly a top runner. It's nice to know there are multiple good choices at this point. We went from zero to many in a very short time!
  13. I will take it Rudy...............for the asking price of 35.00 Let me know your hours and can swing by.
  14. Yes, the Trident will not work for multiple tanks (unless they shared a common sump). If you're not planning to automate changes to dosing, then the Trident's value is reduced to just test results of alk, cal, and mag.
  15. Right! I was totally locked and loaded on Trident. Still leaning that way but... My current top runner though is reefbot. I like the ability to use off the shelf test kits and the ability to use it on multiple systems. Oh, and also the amount of tests it can do. It cannot control my CR or dose, but I don't really want that anyways at this point. Alerting to problems is good, I am glad to tweak my reactor PH or add mag, replace gfo etc... Still have allot of reading to do, but it sure looks good! What concerns do you see with it? Thanks!
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  17. If you already have an Apex 2016 or Apex-EL, it will be of no surprise that I recommend the Trident. I've had mine for over two months now and I absolutely love it. I have completely forgotten how much time I used to spend testing alkalinity and calcium every day, and I rarely tested magnesium but never knew how much it changes daily. I have my Trident integrated with my DOS pumps to automatically fine-tune my 2-part dosing and it keeps parameters very constant. I increased the testing interval to every 3 hours, so my tank no longer has daily swings as it's dosing more during the day and less at night. The biggest challenge if you go with a Trident will probably be the process of finding one in stock. They're still in short supply.
  18. I am going to pull the trigger... on something! Been busy and not watching alk, its up over 11 now. Curious what people recommend? I am leaning towards KH Guardian...
  19. Guess what the next gen radions will have instead of lenses?
  20. I can't wait for the display tank to be ready for corals and really show off what the ReeFi Extreme can do for coral coloration.
  21. Was bummed that this wasn't quite setup when I was there on Friday 😂 I did see the light however and it looks just a slick in person as it does in the pics - nice job Daniel!
  22. Saw these 2 photos on FB reef group with Radion individual optical lenses which are perfect example of disco ball effects. Compare that to ReeFi's ReeFlectors which cast pleasing uniform blend of light. ReeFi's ReeFlectors is an example of one of some innovation I made over the competition.
  23. Odd how many of these we apparently sold w/o the probe holder - I was in the same situation and ultimately bought a replacement rather than trying to tap the lid given it's thickness.
  24. I actually have the non-ph probe holder lid, let me know if you would be willing to sell me your lid and I'll give you mine + cash. GLWS
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