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  2. Davids Reefer 350 build.

    I slowly worked on stuff underneath the tank and on 12/12 I finally got the time to hard plumb in the vectra m1 and convert the stock ato into a fuge. It was almost midnight when i turned everything back on. Still need to get some chaeto for the fuge and hookup the reactor back up.
  3. Davids Reefer 350 build.

    Decided to start a build thread to track the progress on my reefer 350. I am almost done setting it up so but here is the progress I have so far. Picked up the tank on October 11th 2017. Bought a lot of goodies. '' On October 18th I finally got around to moving my current tank and putting the reefer 350 in its place. Didn't have all the plumbing parts I needed for the vectra so I hooked up a spare sicce pump I had laying around. I added some caribsea sand and about 100lbs of dry rock that I had cycling and filled the bad boy up with some water. Took my son to Disneyland for Halloween. A little after we got back all the parameters were testing good so I started moving over some live stock and corals.
  4. Free yellow clown goby

    Haha! Yep that is who I thought it was although I haven’t seen him for a while. Glad to see he’s doing well! Suzie - make sure you don’t take your new clown goby over for a visit 😵
  5. 120 gallon saltwater aquarium for sale

    I can get some tomorrow if that's ok. Mostly all fish are gone. Maybe 100 pounds of rock left with only a few corals. Asking 450.00 now or best offer. But i will get more pics tomorrow when i get home!! Thanks.
  6. WTB Apex PM1

    Looking for a PM1. Thanks
  7. 120 gallon saltwater aquarium for sale

    picture of scratches? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. 400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    Its tempting, but I have a 5x5x2 envision cube with the paper still on it laying in the garage collecting dust.
  9. Free yellow clown goby

    Oh do you now.............. Actually he likes anything from a peppermint shrimp to a chromis but he does love a clown goby though.......... This is Qbert...............thread is gone so lets have some fun
  10. Free yellow clown goby

    Qbert eh? I think I know who that is 👀. Hopefully they aren’t part of his regular diet.
  11. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

  12. 400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    Yeah - tough with something this size I would suspect. Awesome tank and great deal but not many folk are really willing to commit to a project like that. Of course, it just takes one so here’s hoping the right person sees it.
  13. 5th annual anniversary sale 12-16 and 12-17!

  14. 5th annual anniversary sale 12-16 and 12-17!

    Some eye candy!
  15. 400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    This is no joke, Tanks are simply not selling right now. I put mine up a month ago and it's been on craigslist. I have had a couple flakes, and a guy who was trying to just take the tank off my hands for next to nothing. I cleaned it up and packed it away and just assume I will have a better shot when Taxes come back. A 400 Gallon is kind of hard to tuck away though
  16. Free yellow clown goby

    I would have taken him Qbert loves clown gobies
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  18. Bubble tip nems for sale green/orange

    These are still available and I need to make some room! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Exodus Versa 42 Upgrade

    Wow! Great looking build and very thoughtful layout. I love the custom controls mounting board... that is awesome. I will say, that is a pretty high "gear to tank volume" ratio but it is packed into a super clean package! I say that just because I'm jealous of course... Congrats on getting "the one that got away" back!
  20. ato suggestions

    Just so you know you can purchase a new JBJ switch for cheaper than a Hydor Setup. Also the JBJ has a built in Timer, I think the preset is 10 Min? Open the case and you can manually adjust it down to 3 minutes. If you decide on a Hydor, It uses a Temp Sensor that by all means "Not" the quickest to pick up that it is of correct level. It then slightly overflows (Top Sensor) which will have you listening to an annoying alarm. So Just be sure to pair the Hydor ATO with an Aqua lifter or a peristaltic pump for slow water movement for the best results.
  21. ato suggestions

    I have the JBJ A.T.O and the float is crap. It is constantly sticking! I am going to look at the Hydor for sure. I fill my reservoir (which is part of my sump) by hand because but I am scared of what happen to PDXmonkeyboy. I don't have basement so it would very bad.
  22. Exodus Versa 42 Upgrade

    Very nice build I finally got a chance to read it all! Very clean looking too and great idea for hiding the reservoir for the ATO! You also did a very nice job with clean up. You made the tank look like it was brand new great job! I will hire you the next time I need to clean a tank LOL!
  23. 400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    thanks! yeah the length of this tank is the one thing i'll miss if it does sell. thanks, i'll need all the luck i can get to sell this. also thanks for the help moving it in. i'll let you know when i need help moving it out. i'm not surprised but i haven't had any response to this yet. if anyone has interest in this tank make an offer. don't worry about insulting me with a low ball offer. i'll just say no if it's too low...won't hurt my feelings. i know this is a pretty unique tank with how long it is but tangs really do love it. i'll also consider store credit if any stores are interested in this and read this thread.
  24. Large Orange Monti

    If it comes down to moving it in smaller pieces, I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks
  25. Exodus Versa 42 Upgrade

    You are Right, there is quite a bit of stuff added to the Tank, but thats what happens when you have 6 months to prepare and design the tank you want with everything you want btw, i love the skinned stand, it makes maintenance and cleanup soo much easier!
  26. WTT Apex WMX

    Thanks for meeting up
  27. WTT Apex WMX

    WXM gone. Thanks J-Dog.
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