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  2. lewisriverfisherman

    FS: frag tank, hydra 26 non HD pair, coral

    I'll take the lights and things for $225
  3. lewisriverfisherman


    I believe it is driven off of how many posts comments that you make. Come on Sean Kim's not posting alot lately we can catch up.
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  5. albertareef


    Hey Miles - are you talking about the "Rank" designation at the bottom of the profile screen shots you included? If yes, I think that is a purely driven off of the post count number. At some point in time, different "ranks" were given to different levels of post count and they automatically change whenever you cross the next threshold - honestly don't know who came up with the designations or thresholds (anyone know?). Emerald has her own "rank" as as top poster for being the most prolific member on the site! Jeremy or Jay might be able to see the configuration and give a listing of the rank titles.
  6. shaywood


    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've noticed random ads for 2018 MACNA on the Forum.
  7. Optimusprime3605

    Ph controller

    Checking to see if anyone has one laying around. A basic old Milwaukee controller would suffice. I have cash or trade or both. Controller only needed. TIA Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Got it and replied. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. maxicurls

    FS: frag tank, hydra 26 non HD pair, coral

    Pm sent on torch! In you neighborhood!
  10. 2 hydra 26 (no HD), wireless aquacontroller, and Apex AWM module. Currently in use so you can check for operation. I'll be taking them down in a week or so. $225 for all 50 gallon glass frag tank, 24" x 48" x 10". Drilled with a glass holes.com 700 gph overflow, 3/4" return with lockline. Schedule 80 plumbing and unions with enough straight pipe to glue a coupler. $100 OBO. I have a DIY screen top I'll toss in for $10 and a sump for $50. Corals: Large orange/red monti cap. They're cheap since they lost some color during tank transfer and are large chunks broken up. Pieces range from 6-8 inches. Have 4 of them. $10 for the first pic, $5 each for the others. Approx 25 head trumpet coral. Easy low light coral. $25 Approx 25 head green with purple tip torch. Probably 10" diameter. Whole thing for $50 or $10 for one head, $15 for two head, $20 for 3 head frag. Whole torch SOLD Piece of frag rack covered in Hawaiian paly and shrooms. $5 Softball sized piece of live rock covered in branching GSP. $10 Lots of free branching GSP!! Sorry for the bad photos. I'll be around all weekend. I live in N Portland near Mississippi district. Thanks for looking! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Transform Your Aquarium Experience With Sound and ColorJoin us THIS FRIDAY for a live Q&A with Ike Eigenbrode of Current USA!Click here to register (it's free!)
  12. Paratore

    January Picture of the Month - Echinoderm

    Belize is Beautiful!!! Last summer I was in San Pedro for two weeks. Probably my favorite place on earth lol. Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
  13. chewie

    Queen Angelfish FS

    FAT, HEALTHY, QUARANTINED , and BEAUTIFUL! If she’s not gone by Saturday morning, it’s going to the LFS. $200 487E3B39-A6A0-4190-A211-648A76EAE9D0.MOV
  14. danlu_gt

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Ran into some issues when test fitting the enclosure... When I designed the enclosure, I downloaded the 3D STEP model files for the power jack and USB plug from the manufacture. I just assume that their drawings would be up to date. Unfortunately, the power jacks and USB plugs are 0.4mm higher in real life product than their 3D model files. Urrgg!!! Now, the enclosure mold tooling needs to be modified and this will take 10 days, which will push the production of these enclosure to after Chinese New Year. Another issues I ran into is the OLED screen pins arrangement were not what I specified. I was planning to connect the OLED screen with jumper cables to the main circuit board. I've already ordered the jumper cables, but now I need to modify the cable wires so the pins will match up (gnd to gnd, vcc to vcc, etc..). Once I finished assembling what I can now, I'll be heading to Taiwan to celebrate Chinese New year with my wife and son. I'll have to make another trip to get everything done. This will give me time to refine the software user interface.
  15. danlu_gt

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Yes, I would be excited to show off the new light at an upcoming meeting. My other fishes are feeding the triggers.. 😜 I have autofeeders setup with pellets. Hopefully, it won't run out.
  16. Thanks, that’s helpful. I have to pass however. My nano cube 28g is just under 3 inches long in the back. Sure makes it difficult to get proper equipment, but I’ll know for if I’m able to upgrade in the future.
  17. SuncrestReef

    January Picture of the Month - Echinoderm

    I saw this while snorkeling in Belize:
  18. MrBret

    Mushroom naming contest

    Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone! Lots of good suggestions so far............3 Days left to enter🍄🍄🍄
  19. SuncrestReef

    Fish room planning

    I'm currently in the planning stages to add an additional room onto my house and want to include space for a dedicated fish room. My current design has room for a long narrow fish room (4'6" x 13') with a new 6' peninsula display tank just outside the fish room, so basically the fish room and display tank will be a long divider between my current living room and the new addition. I'm looking for ideas on how to best utilize the fish room space. My current ideas include: keep the existing mixing station tanks and RO/DI in the garage and run tubing to the fish room long countertop & cabinets along one wall sink sump plumbed through wall to display tank frag tank QT tank storage cabinets for all aquarium related supplies desk space for microscope and test kits tiled floor with drain If anyone has a cool fish room set up, I'd love to see photos or hear what works and doesn't work for you, or things you would do differently next time. Current floor plan: New floor plan:
  20. MrBret

    Black Storms everywhere!

    A nation wide Black Storm is taking place, lol. 2 competing hatcheries are duking it out........the result Black Storms price cut in half ! If you cant find them at your nearest reef shop be sure to call around as PNWMAS has a lot of great ones. Erin at All Things Aquariums had 8 last I talked with him, we have 6 un spoken for and Jeff has 2 left last I read. If you have been waiting to get your hands on these adorable fish ( Ya feel weird calling them adorable, but they are! ) nows your chance.
  21. xmas_one

    UV LED flashlights

    Royal blue ones are pretty cool too, exciting different pigments.
  22. milesmiles902


    What are the order of ranks?
  23. milesmiles902

    Getting crowded! rainbow btas for trade

    Quality photos.
  24. milesmiles902

    Any one know what this is

    The scale is: Minnow, Barracuda, Narwhal, expert, then pro.
  25. albertareef

    Garf bonsai colony fs

    That was quick! Nice colony.
  26. beer503

    Garf bonsai colony fs

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