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  3. They look even better under the blue evening light but photos don't come out as well. If I had only two things in my reef tank it would be clown and BTA. Just love watching the clown go in and out between the several anemones. Yeah I might do a thread on the 280.
  4. Just a heads-up. The par meter is only for paying members of the club. Please feel free to join the club officially and you'll get perks like this while also helping to support the local reef scene.
  5. Hi, I've recently set up my cube and want to test par. Can I please be put on the list?
  6. Looking for a small AIO 10-20 gallon. Something like an Innovative Marine. Let me know what you got
  7. Well, Now its time to blame your husband. I would just start by kind of ignoring him, and saying "its nothing" for a couple days... then reveal that you KNOW that he kidnapped your trigger!
  8. Well it is supposed to have night vision, but it only turns on when it detects movement. I'm not really sure how this works, though--if the night vision only turns on when it detects movement, but it doesn't detect movement because the lights are off, then nothing gets recorded. You would think that someone smarter than me has figured a way around this... No ORP but I just happened to have checked nitrates a couple of days ago and I was at .5-ish. Same today. I did go through all of Manny's @Manny Tavansuggestions again (lights, overflow, even the frag tanks lol) and also checked in crevices in the rockwork like Brian @pdxmonkeyboysuggests. No dice. Thanks for all the ideas and well-wishes, everyone! I'm going to chalk this up to one of the many mysteries we encounter in keeping a reef tank.
  9. Welcome! Will definitely need to see a build thread for the new 280, sounds cool! I am enjoying my BTAs more and more these days, thinking my switch to the bigger tank may have to have even more 😀. super vibrant color on your RBTAs!
  10. Thank you very much for the advice I've been doing a lot of reading and it's been a real improvement on my understanding! Proud to say my alkalinity has gone steadily up to 8 and hasn't fluctuated back down before I buffer again for ph and calcium. Thank you for the warm greetings and the compliment I'm really happy with how my nem hasn't lost its bubble even with the fact the tomato clown is quit the aggressive hoster. Though it is cute when he goes and feeds his home during feeding time I'll try to get a video of it next time to share!
  11. I have not heard of it. Where do you get it at? I really like shellac because you can really custom tint it but the whole no resistance to alcohol is a problem:( So I mostly go to wipe on poly. I used this new "triple thick" water based poly on my new kitchen doors and drawer fronts. One coat, a little sanding and then a little touch up with wipe on. Shout out to mark for the cabinet hook up!! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. Hello. I'm Jason. Have been in the hobby off and on for 20 years. Current setup is 55 gallon with some soft corals, several RBTA's, a huge 4 year old petco maroon clown, a Royal Gramma (several years old) and a small yellow tang that's maybe a year old. About to upgrade to a 280 gallon pond liner indoor lagoon which everything will go in to. Also, have a new powder brown tang and small maroon in QT which will join the rest in the 280.
  13. Looking for a glass or acrylic frag tank that is at least 4' long but prefer closer to 6'. minimum 24" wide and a max of 20" tall. i currently have (2) 40 breeders for QT setup that i'll use as frag tanks if i can't find something else but would like to see what's out there. Thanks!
  14. Brian have you heard about Odies Oil? Really good Sh$t! Hard to tell I have made many things and used the odies oil and love it!!!
  15. albertareef

    New fish

    Big fan of melanarus wrasses - good hunters and pest control but can be a bit rough on inverts.
  16. Yeah, that is a slab of juniper. Going to make an epoxy coffee table with it. It's at the bottom of the list right now though. :( Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  17. I picked up a candycane pistol shrimp from Woody's Seahorse on Saturday, I bet they have more Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  18. You would be crazy not to install FRP panels at the mixing station to protect the drywall Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  19. Funny you should say that. I'd need to Etch, Degrease, and then seal. Too much work, wetness, and risk of fumes around my still running setup. (Yes, I found water based epoxy sealer for the floor with low VOC's) Bottom line, Nope.
  20. You should epoxy paint the floor too before you install everything. It is going to look so much better when you are done.
  21. I'm lucky enough our house has a natural equipment room attached to the garage, on the opposite wall where my tank is. I've been planning some additions, and thanks some good deals from Brian at the Reef Box It's time. Projects New mixing station. Replace my 2 50gal blue poly barrels with 2 75 gal @SuncrestReeflike setup. (in the nook to the left, at far end of the room) Dedicated larger frag tanks (the rest of the room) Yesterday the remodels began with three steps. Remove everything Wash walls and kill some mildew Patch holes and get ready to paint THE "Before" pictures Removed, not Washed Eventual Mixing Station Nook Washed and Patched - ready to Paint
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