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  2. 2 and a half months later. They still look happy.
  3. I was in today and got a few things and there was PLENTY of frags.. just wish I wasn't an hour and a half away.
  4. I've wanted to stop by and check things out but have had way to much on my plate. As of late.
  5. Was just up at Reef Box, Brian had some great looking frags!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Quick update on my reef came back from a 3 week vacation end of August and the reef was struggling. Tons of green hair algae everywhere. Despite multiple water changes and addition of large clean crew from reef cleaners I resorted to fluconazole. All the algae died overnight. Then it was Cyanobacteria that I was dealing with. Chemiclean took care of that but in the end I lost a lot of corals. Probably half of my corals especially sps died. Today the reef is finally looking good and the corals seem happy. As far as livestock goes, I lost all my shrimps, the blue throat trigger jumped out, the copperband butterfly died. Right now I am thinking about adding fish but I’m not sure which ones
  8. Note to self and others......pulling the pot and adding a rolling micro bubbler under the eggs made them hatch the rest of the way, how ever.....putting the pot back with the parents they were convinced that the eggs had been tainted and they made quick work of eating them
  9. Yesterday was fun so let’s do it again but let’s change it up! All zoa frags, all Acan frags, Chalice frags and GSP $5, $10 and $15 That’s right 5, 10 and 15. Don’t worry if I’m out of sonething you want I’ll frag it will you wait!! pics to come The ReefBox hours. 12-6
  10. Comes down to using the space for something different honestly. I have other plans for a ‘big’ tank just not now. My Red Sea tank display is coming along so I’ll roll with that for now
  11. Bummer - was looking forward to seeing what you had planned for that. Definitely interesting dimensions. GLWS!
  12. Yes.....looks like ypu daid Share the Pods 2nd
  13. Ok peeps switching gears on my layout for the shop. So selling my big center tank it’s 5x4x1 it would make an excellent shallow red display tank. All you need is a pump and shimmer. I will include the stsnd, sump and custom filter silo ck holder. 3/4” acrylic with no scratches $600 this weekend
  14. Thanks for posting. It was nice of Ed to do this, hopefully it answers questions someone had!
  15. I figured I’d ask here before turning towards the more expensive sumps, I’m hoping to find someone that can turn a 29 gallon tank into a simple 3 baffle sump, obviously I’ll pay and/or provide the supplies or pay up front for supplies and labor. It would probably turn into a disaster if I tried. Or even better if someone has a 29 gallon sump they want to sell even better!! I’m specifically looking for a 30” long 12” wide and around 18” tall, currently have a 20 long (30”12”12”) I can’t fit anything wider but looking for something a little taller. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I snagged #12 and #28: 12. GB Nightingale, 1" Frag, 50.00 SOLD 28. Purple Green Plate, 3" Dia when open full, 125.00 SOLD
  17. Nice! Hope that grows out well for you.
  18. I have some NICE coral for trade if you have a Nero 5 you ain't using. Simply wanting to add a second to my reef. Can totally do cash + trade for the right deal Thanks!
  19. Anxious to watch it in the morning, with coffee, and with croissant.
  20. One more person wanting to get back on the list. Just received a new light.
  21. Lol it will be hard to see Daniel and think "that guy is pimp" but I am going to give it the college try. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  22. Lots of good stuff on here.....ill take #38 please
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