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  2. Okay, yes Ill take pics this weekend, got everything moved to the garage 100gallon now with some water moving waiting for the new seals for the pump on saturday. sorry for the delay Jeff fish wise flame yellow wrasse Koran Angelfish juvenile flameback angel Black and white clown female Ocellaris clowns one female two males ( one is paired) blue tang (perfect color) just moved everyone so they will need some time to calm down a bit. All my rock is Fiji rock corals good amount of green torch I think one frogspawn huge colony of orange ricordea spans two rocks large rainbow ricordea colony some singles may be pacsun yuma? some blue watermelon mushrooms green mushrooms various zoa small elegance Ill try and get good pics once everything opens up and I move my LED lights
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  4. Who does QT.................... And a FTS....................a little blue..................
  5. Updated with sold equipment and dropped prices on WXM and Ghost skimmer.
  6. As I expected, an entertaining thread! You could probably get as many different opinions and approaches to QT as there are reefers in this community. I do think it is important to make sure anyone buying or trading with you is aware of known issues and ideally your approach to husbandry but, really, everyone should just assume there will be hitchhikers of some variety and treat accordingly based on their own comfort level (dip/QT/?). While it would be nice to think everyone has the resources to implement a stringent scheme the realities are most likely going to make that impractical or at least unlikely. Kudos to those who manage to pull it off though as it definitely takes patience and great attention to detail. This is kind of an exciting possibility as a way to monitor our systems. What do you think the "confidence level" is with the current testing protocol and how many of the common diseases are you screening for?
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  8. Here's a quick update for July, still happy and encrusting.
  9. Oh, and im on my way to the portland area right now, who wants to trade some corals ☠️
  10. Im gonna pass on this conversation, its too painful
  11. Ok here we go, i don't qt at all. I have/had in my tank ich, vermited snails, aiptasia, hydroids, asterinas, uhhh what else? Lots more I'm sure. I believe a truly established healthy system should be able to handle these things with no problems. I do sell corals from time to time and don't tell people about pests (not that I would make any attempt to hide them either). I wouldnt sell anything that i noticed a pest on though. The fact is that if your concerned about these pests then your gonna dip or qt the things you buy from me. If you don't and you get a pest then that is your fault. My tank is close to 10 years old now and packed with live rock and pests just arent able to take hold. I believe its the new tanks with dry rock that get overrun with pests. Well thats my opinion anyways, feel free to rip me apart if you'd like!
  12. Rocks or larger aquarium left? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  14. My BRS total is much more than the emergency surgery my dog needed after swallowing a plastic toy while on a walk, that lodged in his small intestine and required resecting of his intestine. I also thought people were crazy to spend that much on their dog, until it happened to me. Still a bad idea to add up order costs in reefing.
  15. oooh... everything? All in... I am probably around 25k. 6k at BRS, probably another 6 at CF. The new tank cost me about 4.5K total. How many lap dances is that?>
  16. Did you Only add up BRS orders? Didn't add in plexiglass costs, plumbing fittings, etc... In prep for remodeling the fish room (and then a future tank size expansion), I seem to have gone on a used equipment buying spree. Starting in Sept (while still at MACNA), and through February. Bought a Bunch of equipment - and it's come in handy! And for the record, No - I'm not adding it up.
  17. Since I started my business I've been tracking where I spend all of my money, and just what I buy from cuttlefish was enough to consider an intervention.
  18. I try to sweep the reefing spending under the rug...and hide it out back lol what is scarier for me is when I added up my Amazon spending with a banking app...Yikes! I did that a few years ago and now just keep my eyes closed 😂
  19. I could have two major vet surgeries or a bunch of reefing stuff...
  20. What were you thinking! I have to admit, I try not to think about this but with all the crashes lately, I keep adding up what I had just spent on restocking and get freaked out - and that is even taking full advantage of Holly's $10 sales so nothing like what a lot of you have put in. I don't even have a lot (by comparison) invested in the automation hardware. Definitely can give one pause...
  21. I've spent less on reefing than I have on vet bills for my dog. Don't get me started on the cost of surgery after he swallowed the end of a $4 Nylabone and it lodged in his small intestine. 😔
  22. So I had to pull up my BRS orders for an apex work order and I made the mistake of adding up everything I have spent over the last 3 years. WOW.. Don't ever do that. Does anyone else seriously cringe when they see these numbers? I mean, I have a huge system.. but wow! this is only hardware!
  23. I’m looking for a terrarium or reptile tank. Would prefer a whole setup but anything would do. Hoping for something in the 10-30 gallon range. My daughter loves spiders so we’re trying to find something to house a tarantula for her birthday. Show me what you’ve got. Thanks everyone. 503 eight 0 eight 0851 if texting is better for you.
  24. That is not necessarily a bad thing... Maybe I will have a bumper sticker made that says "Got cyano? I can help"
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